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EMG Italy: live concerts in the summer of 2022

vasco4Thanks to a consolidated specialization in the production of live performances, EMG Italy was chosen to take care of the video shooting of many live concerts throughout the summer of 2022.

These were musical events with a large audience presence, similar only in their genre, but totally different for production procedures.

EMG Italy: i concerti live dell’estate 2022 e il Vasco Live '22

futurehits2Grazie a una consolidata specializzazione nella produzione di spettacoli dal vivo, EMG Italy è stata scelta per curare le riprese video di molti concerti live durante tutta l’estate 2022.

ATEN, new CVE distribution dedicated to the ProAv installation market

AtenConferenceCVE, Communication Video Engineering, is a well-known Italian company that boasts exactly 40 years, in 2022, of renowned presence especially in the "Broadcast and Media" markets.

Thanks to the exclusive representation of brands and products of undoubted prestige and the intertwining of experiences by a diversified and specialized design and sales consultancy teams, it proposes itself as a "solution provider" and - always - as a partner of its customers.

Newsbridge and Alpha Networks together for AI management of end-to-end and OTT cloud video

NewsbridgeKinowSaaS platform vendors Newsbridge and Alpha Networks have partnered to offer sports and media organizations a powerful end-to-end cloud video management OTT solution.

This powerful solution is also perfectly available in Italy thanks to MediaPower’s specialized distribution and 24/7 assistance.

The integrated solution for the production and distribution of content assets combines Newsbridge’s Cloud Media Hub and AI-based multimodal indexing signature technology, with Bee from Alpha Networks, in turn powered by the Live & On Demand video reference platform of Kinow.

The latter was renamed following Alpha Networks acquisition of Kinow in January 2022 and is now part of Alpha Networks product portfolio under the new name of “Bee propelled by Kinow”.

Live, urgent and archival media assets can be imported into the Newsbridge Media Hub with its automatic transcription, translation, indexing, all AI-powered, closed captioning, video cropping tools and real-time collaboration.

The metadata-enriched content is then shared with the Bee streaming solution.

Through the integration of the two platforms, customers can organize and secure their content, set the right monetization strategy and decide whether to live stream or provide video on demand.

They can also benefit from several streaming features, including automation of live broadcasting and the ability to schedule multiple live events at the same time.

NewsbridgeFond operateurBee allows customers to deliver their content on any screen (web, mobile, smart TV, etc.) and offers subscribers a unique user experience through reading continuity, favorite movies, viewing preference based recommendations, in-app payment, etc.

The sports organization may decide to integrate other features to better interact with subscribers on the basis of their specific business needs.

These include multi-criteria filter systems, the ability to view a calendar with all upcoming events and present statistics in real time (competitions, teams, players).

Customers can also manage their users, analyze their audience and business activity.


Newsbridge CEO Philippe Petitpont said:

“We are thrilled to offer this turnkey workflow with Kinow powered Bee – it will enrich and enhance the viewer’s OTT experience.

Using multimodal indexing AI to detect people, teams, competitions, logos, context, scenes and speeches, and content localization with translation, enable sports organizations and media to publish rich content metadata for their fans.

The increase in targeting and personalization equates to greater audience engagement and ultimately more revenue”.


Pierre Antoine, Managing Director of Alpha Networks Kinow Business Unit commented:

“The integration of production and distribution tools is often time-consuming, expensive and increases the risk of technical problems once the service is up.

This is why we decided to collaborate with Newsbridge: together we are now able to simplify the workflow and propose a complete end-to-end solution, from production to distribution”.


Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower, the company representing Newsbridge in Italy, said:

“This is a truly revolutionary solution that we want to introduce to the Italian video and VOD markets, since it does not require technical skills and guarantees excellent interaction between content and fans of the public, so passionate about sports.

By combining Newsbridge’s various digital asset management tools with Kinow’s OTT, any organization can save valuable time-to-market by launching unique and customized streaming services”.


About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud media hub platform for live and archived content.

Powered by the artificial intelligence of multimodal indexing and a data-driven indexing approach, Newsbridge offers unprecedented access to content by automatically detecting faces, objects, logos, written texts, audio transcripts and semantic context.

Whether it’s managing and accessing live recordings, highlight clipping, future-proof archiving, content retrieval or content presentation and monetization, the solution enables intelligent and efficient management of media assets.

Today the platform is used by TV channels, news agencies, owners of sports rights, production companiesone, journalists, editors and archivists from around the world to increase production workflow and media ROI.


About Alpha Networks

For nearly 15 years Alpha Networks has been a leading provider of software solutions for the global video distribution market.
In January 2022 Alpha Networks acquired Kinow, a French company specializing in offering a turnkey OTT video platform.
Following the acquisition, Alpha Networks leveraged Kinow’s SaaS video streaming solution to consolidate a software-on-demand SaaS model and expand it globally.

With Bee powered by Kinow, Alpha Networks provides a turnkey solution to help content producers and distributors, as well as small and medium media companies, launch and enhance their live and on-demand streaming content (free or paid). ).
Additionally, Bee also caters to niche markets, including events, sports, entertainment and the corporate industry.

As for the sports sector, Alpha Networks in particular helped Decathlon transform their online sports lessons platform for a better user experience. It is also working with the French National Volleyball League (LNV) to modernize their streaming service and create a strong experience for fans through match broadcasting.

Since 2015, Kinow has distributed over 300 platforms for prestigious clients around the world, including Reworld Media, Académie des César, Mediawan, The European Handball Cup, Reed Exhibitions, the Festival International du Film d’Annecy d’Annecy, LaCinetek, Tënk and many others. We have helped our clients launch platforms in Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, etc.



© Newsbridge – Robertolandini Presspool press office

Matrox celebrates 45 years of technological innovation and offers some types of products in partnership with MediaPower

MatroxMediaPowerMore than four decades of continuous innovation through constant reinvention and an enduring commitment to technical excellence.
Matrox®, which recently celebrated its 45th anniversary, has identified innovation as the foundation for the brand's identity since its inception. Continuous evolution has propelled Matrox through decades of technology and industry change.

Proudly, the parent company states that "its two divisions, Matrox Imaging and Matrox Video, enjoy a longevity that far exceeds many other major players in the pro AV / IT, broadcast, industrial imaging and machine vision markets."

In 2021 alone, the company launched a highly anticipated IoT edge device, released new software tools that leverage deep learning capabilities, unveiled next-generation multi-4Kp60 encoders, and continues to advance work in remote manufacturing and support. open standards in AV-over-Reame IP.

Since its founding in 1976, Matrox has assisted and helped drive major technological changes.

He explored the consumer end-user market before shifting his corporate focus to specialized professional markets, including digital signage, media and broadcast, corporate communications, manufacturing, medical imaging, and industrial automation.

A legendary history of innovation highlights the company's pioneering product launches and broad market reach.

Matrox Video's goal in recent years is to expand the portfolio of uncompressed, lightly compressed and intelligently compressed, standards-based products for content capture and processing, viewing, real-time encoding , recording, live streaming, IP KVM extension and switching, decoding, and AV distribution over IP.

The increased demand for SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX-based open standards implementations is driving the next wave of technological innovation to support new and emerging high-performance media-over-IP workflows and applications.

Meanwhile, Matrox Video OEM broadcast products continue to form the basis of broadcast graphics systems, channel-in-a-box systems, video servers, and other PC-based and cloud-based video solutions used around the world.

Matrox Imaging continues to revolutionize its deep learning training and inference offerings, 3D imaging, and visual guidance for robotics applications, all to meet the growing demand in automation markets.

With industry demand for AI-based technology and ever more capable vision systems, Matrox Imaging is extending the speed, fidelity and functionality of their vision product offerings while ensuring ease of use. and the interoperability that customers expect from an industry benchmark.

Some types of products in partnership with MediaPower

Matrox operates in Italy in partnership - for some types of products - with MediaPower, which recommends and resells them in the best broadcast and OTT operations.

Here are some of the more recent areas where MediaPower definitely offers Matrox:

Cross-platform and over-the-top (OTT) distribution: OTT distribution offers a more cost-effective alternative to delivering content to a global audience.

IP-based manufacturing - Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure.

Unlike legacy SDI-based transmission systems, IP-based systems offer the ability to acquire signals from a number of inputs, using a range of protocols.

The migration to IP is driven in large part by the need to provide 4K signals, but that's not all.

4K / UHD video content

Compared to conventional high definition (HD), the 4K UHD format offers outstanding image quality with at least four times the pixel density.

And with the price of 4K displays greatly reduced, the demand for live 4K content has never been greater.


Transition from SDI to IP

The need to meet this demand for 4K content is one of the factors accelerating the transition from SDI to IP. In fact, the increased bandwidth and better connectivity required for UHD content transmission, combined with the growing market for OTTs, simply exceed the capabilities of what SDI can offer.


MatroxEdgeHow Matrox can help:

Many of Matrox and MediaPower customers use centralized remote production operations and systems for remote operation; the essential products for this workflow are Monarch EDGE encoders and decoders plus Extio IP KVM.

The Monarch EDGE (link below) can accommodate many different solutions, including being a perfect replacement tto for old END OF LIFE encoders.


4K / multi-HD video encoder and decoder for remote production.

The Monarch EDGE series for remote production (REMI) offers 4K / multi-HD video transport for multi-camera live events.

Video professionals can choose from a range of equipment to meet their remote production needs.

The EDGE E4 4: 2: 2 10-bit encoder is ideal for demanding broadcast quality productions.

Programs intended for over-the-top (OTT) or cloud distribution can take advantage of the EDGE E4 4: 2: 0 encoder with 8-bit capability.

When paired with a Monarch EDGE encoder, the EDGE D4 decoder provides high quality video transport and ultra low latency.

A simultaneous encoding / decoding device, EDGE S1 provides feedback feed to multi-camera production teams in the field.


extio3 family 600x338Matrox® Extio 3 is the world's first high-performance IP KVM extender capable of supporting 4Kp60 or quad 1080p60 4: 4: 4 video.

It will help production systems operators achieve new efficiencies through aggregator mode and remote operations.


Matrox TRUE

Projects considering, planning and implementing 2110 video infrastructure will benefit from learning Matrox VERO.

Vero is a validation, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and signal generation 2110 appliance with value at every stage of this process.


MatroxConvertIPMatrox ConvertIP

Having an existing ST2110 infrastructure or heading in that direction requires monitoring points from IP to SDI / HDMI or vice versa; to acquire points on the ST2110 from SDI / HDMI devices, the new range of Matrox ConvertIP converters will allow the use of existing equipment within the new IP infrastructure




MediaPower launches new website, work in progress, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

MPsmartAssetsMediaPower continues in the shade of a continuous expansion on several directions: today with a new website.

We recall that the company, headed by CEO Marcello Dellepiane, has its headquarters in Genoa and is active with international offices in the south of France, a branch in Qatar, in the Philippines and Hong Kong for the APAC area, and one in New Hampshire in USA.

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