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CVE, Communication Video Engineering, at Digital European Forum 2024: A Hub for Technology, Networking, and Innovation

FED CVE Lucca24With the official tagline "Technology, Networking, and Innovation," the FED 24 event is poised to be an exceptional gathering for professionals in the media and communication industry.

Hosted by the Lucca City Council, FED 24 will bring together over 300 top-level experts and professionals under the guidance of journalist Andrea Michelozzi, the event's patron. Taking place at the Real Collegio di Lucca on June 6-7,2024, the event will feature a packed schedule of speakers covering a wide range of current topics.

The themes to be discussed range from sports and artificial intelligence to content production and new technologies. Piracy, FAST channels, streaming, trends in sectors such as Virtual Production, Cloud, IP transformation,HDR, and radio will also be explored.

CVE, Communication Video Engineering, will be present in the exhibition space alongside four technology partners. Luca Catalano, CEO of CVE, highlights the event's significance: "It's an opportunity for networking in a charming location like Lucca, within the Real Collegio di Lucca, and in a very comfortable setting."

CVE will be joined by four technology partners – NPAW, Fastly, Broadpeak, and Harmonic – in a slightly larger booth than previous years. They will present simultaneous demonstrations at various workshops and during breaks.

LucaCatalanoInConf"The event has grown considerably over time," continues Luca, "but despite this, I see it above all as an opportunity, not so much to make new contacts, but to reconnect with many established partners and friends. It's also an interesting opportunity for some of our distributed brand partners who will be present to reconnect with acquaintances and customers and do some marketing for their solutions."

The two days of June are structured with a dense schedule of participants and seminars that alternate in sequence on stage, representing many and diverse sectors of media and communication and describing as many traits related to the main developments in new technologies.

Catalano adds, "We will be joined by the sales managers of these four important brands who will propose demos and presentations of their respective corners with products and services distributed in Italy by us at CVE."

The common theme proposed by CVE is the technological set for "complete OTT Solutions" and is the same as proposed last year except for the addition of Fastly, with whom CVE has already achieved good success in the CDN area, not so much from a technological point of view which is already covered by Broadpeak, but from an as-a-service perspective, i.e., as a CDN service offering.

FastlyLogo"Fastly is an outsider for us," Catalano underlines, "which we consider a very important and advanced player, brilliant and eclectic, born to solve definitively all the problems that usually occur with traditional CDNs and we at CVE are proud to be one of their "selected partners."




HarmonicLogoHarmonic is highly specialized in video compression technology and playout, optimized and relaunched at the beginning of the year also from the point of view of hardware-based solutions and not only those marketed as software as a service.




BroadpeakLogoBroadpeak, another long-standing partner of CVE, specializes in multicast ABR, a technology on which CVE immediately grasped the importance as a pioneer for Italy as early as 2010 and which is becoming crucial today for the monetization of this technology. Broadpeak has also moved into the world of as-a-service solutions and services.


NPAWlogoNPAW, among CVE's most recent partners, offers essential analytics solutions that enable the control and management of network information in every segment. If on the one hand it doesn't take much to launch a streaming OTT platform, and even a monthly subscription is enough to create a FAST channel with customized advertising, on the other hand, if we don't have awareness of who is watching what, why, and what problems they have, it's not possible to make informed decisions. This is where analytics comes in, allowing us to control the power that a streaming solution allows to reach the end customer and achieve monetization.

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