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TIM and CVE at the Milan Audiovisual Forum and HD Forum Italia Conference 2023

TimCVEGIbellinoTIM and CVE showcase innovative solutions for AV content production and distribution at HD Forum Italia

Milan, Italy - TIM, a leading telecommunications provider in Italy, and CVE, a provider of video communication solutions, have showcased two innovative technological demonstrations at HD Forum Italia, the annual conference dedicated to AV content production and distribution. 

The demonstrations highlighted the potential of 5G mobile networks and edge computing to revolutionize the way AV content is created and delivered to viewers.

Remote Content Production over 5G with EDGE NODE

The first demonstration showcased a remote content production scenario using TIM's 5G mobile network and EDGE NODE, a distributed edge computing platform. 

A video signal from a professional SDI camera was encoded by a portable encoder and sent to the TIM EDGE NODE using multiple 5G modems simultaneously.

The EDGE NODE processed the signal and sent it back to Milan in SRT contribution format for real-time decoding and display on a service monitor via SDI, again over TIM's 5G network. 

The low latency and processing capabilities of the EDGE NODE enabled real-time contribution and processing of video signals, making it ideal for remote production and live broadcasts.

Efficient Content Distribution with Multicast-ABR on DVB-I

The second demonstration presented TIM's Multicast-ABR content distribution solution integrated into the DVB-I framework through an HbbTV application. 

For the first time, a public demonstration was given of an adaptive streaming solution with multicast streams distributed at low latency.

This technology ensures the same type of delay as traditional TV feeds, even allowing the multicast feed to deliver content in advance of the traditional TV signal. 

This means that in terms of user experience, Multicast-ABR can now deliver the same immediate experience as traditional broadcasting, but in broadband mode with all the advantages of multicast scalability and efficiency.

TimDiegoGibellinoCollaboration for Innovation

The demonstrations at HD Forum Italia highlight the strong collaboration between TIM and CVE in driving innovation in AV content production and distribution. 

By leveraging 5G mobile networks, edge computing, and DVB-I technology, the two companies are enabling new possibilities for creating and delivering high-quality, low-latency AV content to viewers.

Key Takeaways

  • TIM and CVE are showcasing innovative solutions for AV content production and distribution at HD Forum Italia.

  • The first demonstration highlights the potential of 5G mobile networks and EDGE NODE for remote content production.

  • The second demonstration showcases TIM's Multicast-ABR content distribution solution on DVB-I.

  • The collaboration between TIM and CVE is driving innovation in the AV industry.

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