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Front Porch Digital Product Preview

ES EXPO 2010 
29th - 31st January
Front Porch Digital Product Preview
Booth No. 43, Hall No. 11A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
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Company Overview

Front Porch Digital is the global leader in solutions for migrating, managing, and monetizing media content. Front Porch Digital's SAMMA product line performs accelerated migration of media content from vulnerable analog videotape to secure and readily accessible digital storage. Protected by three U.S. patents, the company's DIVArchive content storage management (CSM) solution creates a unified system of digital storage from ingest to archive that is distinguished for superior functionality, scalability, performance, and customer satisfaction. In DIVAsolo, Front Porch Digital has combined the two technologies to form a cost-effective, end-to-end system for preserving, managing, and repurposing media content. More information is available at

New Products at BES EXPO

Front Porch Digital's DIVAsolo is the world's first all-in-one migration path from legacy videotape to content storage management (CSM) and archiving on secure, high-density data tape. DIVAsolo is a compact, turnkey solution that joins three proven technologies: SAMMA Solo, which performs large-scale, real-time videotape migration to multiple essence formats; DIVAworks, which combines Front Porch Digital's flagship product, DIVArchive, with a data-tape recorder for managing storage and ensuring the security of digital files; and DIVAdirector, which enables the intuitive search, browsing, and management of stored digital content from user desktops.

A reliable, scalable, and cost-effective system for migrating archives of all sizes, DIVAsolo enables content owners to rid themselves of the headaches associated with storing assets on videotape and to develop instead an infrastructure that preserves assets and makes them easy to access and repurpose. There is no other system like it.

Unicode Support for the SAMMA Family of Products
Front Porch Digital now features Unicode support for the entire family of SAMMA products including SAMMA Solo. With Unicode support, SAMMA products offer local language interfaces to accommodate users anywhere in the world.

The SAMMA Solo system makes it easy to convert even the largest videotape collections to digital files. Packaged in a compact, turnkey, single-stream solution, SAMMA Solo monitors the entire migration operation automatically, implementing quality standards frame by frame. SAMMA Solo performs real-time, simultaneous conversion of videotape content into as many as five digital files including MXF-wrapped JPEG2000, MPEG-2, QuickTime(R), H.264 (MPEG-4), FLASH, MPEG-1, AVC, Windows Media(R), and Real(R) Media.

MXF JPEG2000 Free Software Player
To enable the broadest possible adoption of the standards-based format, Front Porch Digital is making available at no cost its newly developed software-only player for MXF-wrapped JPEG2000 video files. With the new software-based solution, users gain immediate access to their archival quality files.

Front Porch Digital's software player operates in real time on a modern Windows(R) computer with quad core processors. Deploying the player, users are able to view, confirm, index, and catalog MXF-wrapped JPEG2000 files without resorting to proxy files. Because JPEG2000's mathematically lossless compression capability can reduce storage costs by as much as 80 percent with no introduction of artifacts, it is perfectly suited for storing high-value video content. As a result, organizations including the U.S. Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the University of Southern California have adopted MXF-wrapped JPEG2000 for storing content using lossless compression.

The free player includes a simple graphical user interface displaying a video window and enabling play, stop, fast forward, rewind, still frame, and slow motion, as well as control by jog shuttle bar. The player can be downloaded free of charge at

Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) and Final Cut Server Connectivity for DIVArchive
Front Porch Digital has enhanced its DIVArchive content storage management (CSM) solution with full and direct integration into the Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) and Final Cut Studio(R) environments.

With this connectivity, DIVArchive becomes the ideal product for post-production or newsroom environments requiring direct interface to Avid(R) Interplay or Apple Final Cut Pro/Server platforms. Protected by three U.S. patents and still the focus of continuous investment and innovation, DIVArchive has become the CSM application preferred by the world's leading media companies. The newly released DIVArchive 6.3 delivers powerful functionality to meet the evolving needs of global media organizations.

DIVAprotect Becomes a Fundamental Part of DIVArchive
Further demonstrating its commitment to long-term content preservation, Front Porch Digital has now incorporated DIVAprotect as a standard feature of its DIVArchive solution. Designed to guard precious content against the ravages of data tape and drive degradation, DIVAprotect continually monitors the digital storage infrastructure as well as all connected broadcast devices, network connectivity, transcoder engines, and other key parameters of the system.

DIVAprotect works by collecting quality and performance data with each and every DIVArchive transaction and analyzing the information to determine the probability that any individual file-based media object in the system is at risk. When DIVAprotect identifies a potential problem, it alerts technical staff so that they can respond proactively -- before damage is done.

DIVAprotect's inclusion in DIVArchive raises to a new level the long-term content protection, management, and security of the industry-leading CSM system.

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