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EAW® lancia nuovi diffusori KF740 3-vie Full Range Line Array

High-output, lightweight and compact, with exceptional dispersion pattern control and low- end frequency response, the KF740 is EAW’s next-generation line array
EAW capitalizes on its engineering and manufacturing resources in Whitinsville, MA, and develops a new state-of-the-art, compact and powerful 3-way full range line array loudspeaker
Whitinsville, MA, USA, January 7, 2010 – EAW®, a world leader in audio system solutions, debuts the KF740 Three-Way Full Range Line Array Loudspeaker, a high-output, extremely lightweight compact speaker module that capitalizes on EAW’s modern engineering and manufacturing technology, resulting in EAW’s next-generation line array. Based on input from key end-users, and engineered by the same Whitinsville, Massachusetts-based design team responsible for EAW’s critically-acclaimed KF Series, the new KF740 line array system brings a new level of performance to modules of its size, having been optimized for the widest possible range of touring and fixed installati on applications. The symmetrical design, large horn and spaced woofers provide exceptional pattern control while EAW Focusing and EAW Resolution software, both exclusive, proprietary technologies, further enhance system performance. The KF740 is perfect for applications of nearly any size and delivers output resembling the much larger KF760, but has the footprint and weight of the more diminutive KF730. Because of this optimum ratio of weight, size and output, the KF740 is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications including touring sound, corporate A/V, sports arenas, houses of worship, performing arts centers, hotel ballrooms and clubs.
Like all KF Series loudspeakers, the KF740 delivers premium, high-output, 3-way performance, in a package that is extremely compact and easy to set up. Each module contains two HF compression drivers with 2.5-inch voice coils and two 8-inch MF transducers with 3-inch coils, all of which are integrated into a single horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure. This allows for consistent 90-degree pattern control, even at frequencies down to 160Hz, as the MF frequencies are transitioned to a spaced array of four 10-inch LF transducers with 2.5-inch voice coils. Two of the LF transducers are mounted within the horn, and two are side-mounted, providing as much as 18dB of off-axis rejection. EAW Focusing, as provided by EAW’s UX8800 DSP, easily and precisely transitions from one system subsection to another. Also, all magnet structures within the KF740 utilize neodymium magnets.
A full KF740 array provides seamless coverage, from directly below the array, to hundreds of feet in front. The vertical output can be tailored to match the requirements of any space by varying the splay at the rear of the enclosures as directed by EAW Resolution software. The resultant configuration repeatedly produces a continuous, coherent wave front of extended-range, high-resolution audio over the entire defined coverage area. And, unlike other line arrays, the KF740 features a smooth, uniform transition when the listener moves from on-axis to an off-axis position, thereby increasing the soundfield. Broadly applicable line sources can be constructed solely of KF740 modules. The versatile KF740 can also be integrated above KF730 modules or beneath KF760 modules to extend the reach of the range to any application imaginable. The KF740 has an unprecedented low-end response from a cabinet of its size; however, the impressive low frequency output and extension of the KF740 can be even further enhanced by the use of the complementary SB1002 flying subwoofer.
The truck-pack friendly KF740 is assembled in the U.S.A. and is meticulously constructed for structural integrity, long life and impeccable sonic reproduction. The exterior-grade Baltic birch plywood enclosure, wear-resistant textured coating and powder-coated steel grille work to protect each module. The extruded structural aluminum rigging, precision quick-release rigging pins and Neutrik STX series NL8 connectors are ideal for touring applications.
Australia-based Production Audio Services Director Graeme Stevenson and Systems & Projects Engineer Ben Clarke, who are EAW’s Australia distributor, were part of the Alpha-testing program for the new KF740. “When we fired up the system for the first time, it really impressed everyone who heard it, and over the next few days of testing and tweaking, the KF740’s full potential became extremely evident. The KF740 represents a truly significant moment in loudspeaker design and technology. Jeffrey Cox, Kenton Forsythe, Nathan Butler and Jeff Rocha should be very proud of their work and the team,” stated Stevenson. an>
Ben Clarke echoed his sentiments: “The KF740 Alpha-testing is the third development project we’ve worked on and I regard it as equally industry-defining, and it certainly continues to solidify the path EAW is taking. The system has amazing clarity, high power, lots of low frequency output and excellent high frequency extension. The KF740 exhibits a very precise horizontal dispersion with an identical frequency response and character across the coverage area, which results in a very wide stereo image. We will find the KF740 being used in bigger venues than people expect due to its output capability.”

KF740 Specifications:
Transducer Loading
LF 4x 10-in cone, 2.5-in voice coil compression driver Sealed, Phase Aligned
MF 2x 8-in cone, 3-in voice coil compression driver Horn-loaded w/CSA Aperture
HF 2x 1.4-in exit, 2.5-in voice coil compression driver Horn-loaded
Operating Mode:
Amplifier Channels External Signal Processing
Tri-amp LF, MF, HF UX8800 DSP w/3-way filters
Weight 107.2 lb.
Dimensions 17.56” L x 40.1" W x 13" H
Operating Range: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Nominal Beamwidth: Horz 90° / Vert 12°
Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL):
LF 93 dB 50 Hz to 345 kHz
MF 107 dB 255 Hz to 1373 Hz
HF 110 dB 1220 Hz to 20 kHz
Input Impedance (Ohms):
Nominal Minimum
LF 2x 8 (4) 4 @ 214 Hz
MF 8 8 @ 1372 Hz
HF 8 6.7 @ 5620 Hz
High Pass Filter: High Pass=>40 Hz, 12 dB/octave Butterworth
Accelerated Life Test:
LF 74.8 V 2x 700 W @ 8 Ohm (1400 W @ 4 ohm)
MF 70.7 V 625 W @ 8 ohm
HF 40 V 200 W @ 8 ohm
Calculated Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL):
Average Peak
LF 124 dB 130 dB
MF 135 dB 141 dB
HF 133 dB 139 dB

The EAW KF740 3-Way Full Range Line Array Loudspeaker is now available worldwide. For more information, please visit


Photo File 1: KF740_SD_array.JPG
Photo Caption 1: A 14-module EAW KF740 Three-Way Full Range Loudspeaker line array, configured at San Diego’s Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre for a recent product demo.

Photo File 2: KF740_SD_Eng_team.JPG
Photo Caption 2: Members of EAW’s KF740 engineering team. Pictured from L-R: Principal Engineer Nathan Butler, Sr. Director of Engineering and Product Development Jeff Rocha and Executive Engineer Kenton Forsythe.

Photo File 3: KF740_SD_Stage.JPG
Photo Caption 3: San Diego’s Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, outfitted with two EAW KF740 arrays for a recent product demo.

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