MediaPower Part 3. Double interview at NAB 23.

MediaPowerPostNAB23 3Continuing with other broadcast & media news with Fabio Veggiato and Eugenio Pettazzi by MediaPower: remote production, AI, ML, content customization, profiling

With this third episode, our double interview from NAB 2023 continues with Fabio Veggiato Sales & Marketing Manager by MediaPower and also Eugenio Pettazzi, Sales Manager of MediaPower, to grasp some of the most interesting trends and innovations that cross the entire media sector, broadcast, IT, and audio-video.


In the previous two episodes, we talked about streaming, 5G, cloud production, remote production, AI, and workflow, mentioning products from brands such as CatonTechnologyTVUNetworks and started to outline some key points of the proprietary suite MediaPower, ARKKI.

In the second part, we explored the innovative workflows made possible by ARKKI, the modular suite that manages everything, even in the cloud, for "anytime, anywhere" production.

ARKKIsuite1We described how it is possible to revolutionize the entire production process, making it simpler, more reliable and scalable, starting from acquisition and contribution and moving on to ultra-modern DAM procedures, based on the automatic metadating of archive material in the ingest phase, with the functions " speech-to-text”, “face, object & logo recognition” and also “scene detection.

We then described how the various modules of the suite are dedicated to precise pieces of content production and processing and subsequent multi-platform distribution, as well as the possibility of monetizing multi-channel content.

We underlined how ARKKI EVO, the central module of the ARKKI suite, is the DAM based on artificial intelligence and automation that allows customers to automate large-scale "operations", provide personalized content, ideal for each adventure, and generate measurable ROI.

The ability to store, catalogue, organize, edit, instantly retrieve, share and distribute all digital assets quickly and efficiently is powered by Artificial Intelligence which, together with automation, allows customers to thrive in the digital marketplace and make maximize the value of their resources: this allows you to generate top content that maintains a high audience involvement.


In this third part, the discussion focuses on remote production, AI, ML, content customization, and profiling.



Presspool: "In the first part of this chat we explored the cloud issue but, speaking of Remote Production, what does MediaPower offer in detail?"


Fabio Veggiato: "For all cloud and anywhere-anytime production activities in remote production, we offer TVUNetworks the "great enabler" and the well-established solution TVU RPS (Remote Production System) which manages production from remote locations, comment by remote and also post-production, always remotely.

It is based on low-latency connectivity, again thanks to TVU devices - such as TVU ONE - which allow for the transfer of live video in UHD quality with a latency of less than a second, at 100 Mbps, over an infrastructure with a 5G cellular connection.

TVU enables any type of high-quality cloud television production anywhere, aggregating up to 12 internet connections to deliver high-speed, perfectly synchronized (Time Stamp) broadcasts from multiple remote sources, routing them to any production studio.

UHD HDR quality and video return ensure sub-second latency, with bit rates exceeding 100Mb and real-time live streaming H265 encoding – a true world-class remote production solution for multi-camera live video over IP.

Indeed, the NAB nonetheless underlined an increase in expectations in terms of distributed production, that resources should be shared and usable regardless of their location, cloud, on-premise or mixed”.



Presspool: "So for those who are still a little cautious about exclusive cloud solutions, nothing prevents the possibility of moving towards a smooth and mixed transition path in production that takes up the common consensus on the fact that a hybrid on-premise/cloud approach is a possible way forward, at least in the short and medium term.

Returning to the tracks of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) we have already described how important they are in the ARKKI proprietary suite.

However these are areas where technology continues to advance rapidly and we are seeing more and more solutions integrated into AV, IT and broadcast workflows.”


Eugenio Pettazzi: “In addition to the ARKKI proprietary suite; there are several brands distributed by MediaPower that have made significant leaps forward thanks to AI and ML, such as Wildmoka / BacklightLinius and Newsbridge.

Wildmoka/Backlight, thanks to the “Auto ReZonene” is able to analyze the video and modify it in real-time to adapt it perfectly to any screen of use and distribution channel, format or social media channel.

This is especially true on mobile devices in both screen orientations, i.e. in "portrait" and "landscape" modes.

Creating and delivering content from any source to any destination, in any format, with the speed and scale each user needs is no longer a problem.

Again thanks to heavy investments in AI and ML, another Wildmoka/Backlight product, “StoryBot”, allows you to automatically create near-live clips and video sequences defined by your favourite actions, an editorial style, to localize multiple versions, to create a summary of sports matches, and describe the best of the players, the best of the actions (goal, try, hole, etc.), the best of the teams, the best of the days and much more. All by himself".



Presspool: “Linuis and Newsbridge also offer technologies that have the potential to simplify workflows and improve the personalization of content, so as to make user profiling increasingly precise and complete?”


NewsbridgeRefAIEugenio Pettazzi: “Of course. Newsbridge, a French company born from a spin-off of Dalet, presented at NAB the automatic metadata solution "MXT1", based on generative and multimodal AI which won the 'Product of the Year' and 'Best of Show' awards 2023 TvTeck'.

It allows you to find content in less than a second and can describe what's in your videos, photos and audio files.

This means transforming static and "almost useless" archives into living, reusable material and a potential source of new business.


Another of the brands distributed by MediaPower, Linius, is an Australian company, which thanks to "Match Vision" provides a unique personalized video experience, designed to increase fan engagement through compilations that the user himself requests and obtains in a heartbeat of eyelashes.

Each fan of the public, therefore perfectly profiled, chooses the exact video moments they want to see and Linius Match Vision finds them, re-creates them and instantly sends specific personalized thematic video compilations.

We are more than ready with a demo to explain how any workgroup can benefit and hit the objectives of any workflow thanks to our powerful brands and workflow-creating capabilities.

Meet us also at IBC 2023 Amsterdam 15-18 September 2023”.






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