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MediaPower: products and solutions round-up for the newly represented TVU Networks

TVUnetworksGeneralUnique multi-camera live video that is reliable, simple to use and suitable for any budget.

Presspool: “The demand for video content continues to accelerate also in Italy, so we need new and innovative developments and technologies that are at the same time cost-effective to meet customer needs.

More specifically, on which segments and product lines does TVU move, as a new brand represented in Italy by MediaPower?”


Fabio Veggiato Sales & Marketing Director, MediaPower: “The portfolio of hardware and software products, obviously also available in the cloud, allows the production of even complex events at very low costs and the subsequent distribution, where needed.

In general, TVU Networks has divided its solutions into three areas, 'Connect', 'Create' and 'Deliver'”.



“In the “Connect” area, to reduce connection costs without compromising quality, TVU offers many products, some of which are exclusive, for example:

• TVU One, commonly called "backpacks" for outdoor shots and 4K HDR live field connections using the bonding of any data network, Cellular (4G/5G/LTE), Satellite, BGAN, Starlink, WiFi, Ethernet.

• TVU G-Link for point-to-point and bi-directional live video distribution over IP, enriched with real-time metadata.

• TVU RPS for remote production with 8 channels (6 inputs and 2 HD-SDI outputs).

• TVU Anywhere APP, which can be installed on any smartphone or laptop and allows you to broadcast live from a smartphone, in H.265, in full HD with numerous typically broadcast functions such as video return and N-1.

• TVU GRID to manage point-to-point or point-to-multipoint reception at geographical level.



“Even in the "Create" area, to produce content more quickly and to be able to enrich each story with easy-to-use tools, TVU has many products with innovative and exclusive features, including:

• TVU PRODUCER is a live production mixer in the cloud which, through a web interface, allows you to manage an unlimited number of feeds starting from the reception and synchronization of backpack or smartphone streams up to SRT, RTP, RTMP streams, etc.

• TVU Partyline is the tool to manage the remote coordination of an unlimited number of people, from production teams to guests during a live production and virtual events.

• TVU Remote Commentator, also a very interesting tool that allows you to synchronize a remotely connected commentator during a live broadcast”.



“The last segment of the TVU package is part of the “Deliver” area intended for managing and sharing content efficiently with minimal latency.

• TVU Channel for cloud playout with 24/7 management of a TV channel's schedule, created for the biggest broadcasters, now available to everyone.

• TVU Channel Plus as above but with a new business model as it is managed in revenue share on advertising based on viewers. So the customer will not pay anything, on the contrary, he will earn on the basis of the quality of the content and the views of the commercial ads.

• TVU MediaMind is a very advanced interface that uses artificial intelligence to search for content based on face and object detection or speech-to-text.


TvuNetworksRemoteProductionPresspool: “It is evidently a whole chain of innovative products dedicated to television and audiovisual production that has all the useful characteristics to become a "must" in Italy too, thanks to the new MediaPower distributor.

Which of the many flagships could be chosen as an example of a particularly suitable solution for our market?


Fabio Veggiato: “I think the RPS Link system, Remote Production System and TVU PRODUCER are particularly focused on the growing remote production market.

TVU offers it for multi-camera frame-synced productions using the 5G cellular link in the broadcast sector: it allows you to transmit multiple SDI feeds in perfect sync and put them into production instantly, anywhere in the world.

With just one encoder and decoder, TVU RPS, we can aggregate up to 12 Internet connections to deliver high-quality, perfectly synchronized streams from multiple remote sources to the current studio.

Virtually no live event is too big or too small for TVU RPS Link and TVU Producer: football matches, winter games, triathlons, basketball, motorsports, golf, tennis, basketball, horse racing, concerts and so much more.

TVU RPS is now in its sixth release since its 2016 launch, and in my opinion, it is the biggest advancement in live event production since.

It is no coincidence that it was awarded best in the show during IBC 2022 and even recently it received important recognition at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona: RPS Link is a must for high-quality and cost-effective remote production.

Let's not forget that TVU Networks enjoys the trust of the biggest names in the industry such as Sky, ESPN, CNN, NFL Network, Fox, Formula1, Reebok and The Open Championship, so it will surely become a reference in Italy too.

I'm totally available for a demo." [Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.]



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