TAG improves real-time media viewing and monitoring platforms even in the cloud

TAGliveProductionThey cut complexity, reduce bandwidth, and increase confidence in live production environments.
TAG, distributed in Italy by Communication Video Engineering, released a series of updates, improvements and new support to its real-time media monitoring platform. 

This helps solidify its position as the perfect monitoring solution for live production environments.

The suite of live production tools has been incorporated into the recent release of the company's MCM (Multi-Channel Monitoring System) and addresses all aspects of live production including cloud, hybrid and remote operations.


Mauro Contursi General Manager of CVE, underlines:

“It is no coincidence that TAG's platform was recently selected by FOX Sports to provide all the monitoring and visualization of the world's biggest sporting event in Qatar.


MauroContursiCVEThis example once again underlines TAG's commitment, and is also a guarantee for our customers who need excellent tools to maintain prestigious positions in live media production, even in the cloud.


It is also interesting to point out that for live production TAG has recently introduced numerous improvements and added support for transport formats and protocols to its MCM such as, for example, the JPEG-XS transport”.


JPEG XS addresses the need for visually lossless quality with extremely low delay – substantial concerns as more and more broadcasters look to migrate their live production workflows to the cloud.


Now that the format is gaining significant momentum, TAG has expanded support to include all three of the predominant transport protocols for receiving and transmitting JPEG XS streams by the MCM: TR-07 for MPEG-2 TS over IP, TR-08 for ST 2110-22 and now CDI for use in the Amazon cloud.


Mauro Contursi resumes: 

“Full JPEG XS support allows customers to take advantage of bandwidth reductions while maintaining extremely high quality level, critical criteria in production scenarios and remote live contributions such as sports and news.”


In 2022, TAG also introduced its Bridge technology which offers a super efficient and cost effective architecture.

It allows an operator to receive a source once, including video, audio and metadata, and display it directly on any TAG system, anywhere, for viewing or monitoring regardless of input source, size or format.

TAGVSliveProductionOnce the flow has been ingested, TAG Bridge automatically optimizes the sizing, format and delivery protocol to accommodate any multiple recipient configuration, eliminating the complexity of routing the same flow to different locations.

Economical reuse of redundant signal sources minimizes overall computing resource usage and enables bandwidth optimization in large systems, while maintaining the quality and low latency required for live applications.


INFO: https://tagvs.com/

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