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Oscar-worthy protection, NAGRA NexGuard watermarking

NagraProtectContentThe fight against piracy and the illegal sharing of content is now essential for both television and cinema operators and content owners in general.

NAGRA, distributed in Italy by CVE, Communication Video Engineering, is the digital TV division of the Kudelski Group.

Engineering excellence, pioneering technology, and end-user focus have enabled it to work in anti-piracy protection with the world's leading service providers and content owners for over 25 years.


Today once again alongside the producers of next-generation pay-TV services and content, NAGRA does everything to protect and grow businesses in the ever-evolving Pay-TV sector.

In this area, NAGRA offers the best content value protection, including CAS/DRM, mDRM, anti-piracy services, and forensic watermarking.

Now fully integrated with Conax, DVnor, NexGuard and OpenTV under one brand, NAGRA technologies work seamlessly together to generate and sustain revenue for any business.

They are solutions that support the entire content production, distribution and monetization chain: Pay-TV, for broadcast, hybrid, OTT and live distribution, but also consumers with a wide range of consumer devices, technologies that support the transition to IP and new OTT services, AI-powered analytics, and media asset management.

Central to NAGRA are NexGuard video watermarking solutions for Pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services for new and previous generation Set Top Boxes (STBs).

NexGuard PayTV embeds subscriber-specific forensic watermarks into a managed Pay-TV client device (set-top box or smart TV). It is supported by all major chipset vendors and requires no additional video processing on the head-end side.


Watermark for ABR streaming with CDN

NexGuard Streaming is a server-side solution that is pre-integrated with streaming servers and CDNs and incorporates session-specific forensic watermarking for both OTT VOD channels and OTT live channels.

It works with any OTT streaming device and client application, eliminating the need for any device-side integration.

Easily scales up to millions of concurrent sessions with CDN caching and works with all common DRM and streaming formats.


Watermark client for OTT applications

NexGuard QuickMark provides client-side embedding of forensic watermarks into open OTT streaming devices (e.g. browsers on PCs, iOS or Android mobiles and tablets, OTT sticks, and set-top boxes).

It has been optimized for live sporting events where detecting a content leak within minutes and stopping the source is critical to combating piracy.

NexGuard QuickMark can be deployed on any OTT streaming device through simple integration with any secure OTT video player.


Automatic detection of watermarks

NexGuard Detection Service is a cloud-based service, provided by NAGRA, for detecting NexGuard forensic watermarks.

It's fast, highly scalable, and fully automated, meeting the needs of users who require occasional or continuous live detection along with an anti-piracy service.


Piracy monitor to enable watermark detection

NAGRA's world-leading anti-piracy services can be combined with NexGuard forensic watermarking technology and NexGuard detection service to provide an effective force against the most advanced content pirates.

Distribution path watermark

NexGuard Network ID allows premium TV channels to keep tabs on their various distribution paths (satellite, cable, OTT, etc). Undetectable video watermarks allow content owners and broadcasters to identify the source of live content leaks, whether they are licensors, affiliates or distribution platforms.

Forensic watermarking helps identify the source of a content leak quickly and efficiently so that effective anti-piracy action can be taken.

NexGuard forensic video watermarking solutions are used by leading Pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services to deter and combat piracy, especially for premium VOD and live sports.


Luca Catalano CEO of CVE, the company that distributes NAGRA in Italy said:

“For many years in CVE we have worked side by side with NAGRA for our major customers.

We sold the MPEG compression platforms for DTT or DTH distribution, NAGRA sold the encryption platform which, connected to our multiplexers, guaranteed classic encryption security for DVB systems and therefore the protection of the broadcast content via terrestrial radio or satellite links.

For some years, however, we have become Italian partners of NAGRA and with great honour we pride ourselves on working closely with NAGRA for watermarking solutions (bidirectional evolution of encryption solutions).

The latter are decidedly more complex solutions and require important technical and operational system integration skills.

It is no coincidence that for the customers who have selected us, we have created ad hoc projects in which the common basis is the NAGRA content protection technology and to which we have then added "CRAWLING" solutions studied "ad-hoc" based on the different operational needs of the customer.

I personally believe that investing in technology and expertise in content protection is an important impetus towards the future, above all because content can now reach the user in any different delivery method (DTT, DTH and also via the internet with OTT diffusion).

Therefore, protection against piracy becomes an essential element of defence for those who want to adequately enhance their television product and equally indispensable in order to distribute it with all possible means to different users today.

This is why we at CVE have, for some years now, established a strong relationship with NAGRA, which we are convinced to be the most technologically advanced player in content protection technology.”


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