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Lynx Technik AG, new CVE partner in Italy.

LynxDavidHolloway8K / 4K / 3G / SD-SDI audio video and fiber interface solutions.

CVE, Communication Video Engineering, announces that it has recently signed a sole distributor agreement for Lynx products in Italy, which involves both sales and after-sales support.

Luca Catalano CEO of CVE for the occasion said:

“Lynx is a very well known brand in our areas of expertise, proudly Germanic, making products entirely built in Germany to today's highest standards.

It is an arsenal of modular devices ideal and indispensable for any video and broadcast sector, which cover almost all the needs of video, audio or fiber optic 8K / 4K / 3G / HD / SD-SDI interface and which, as such, will become increasingly indispensable for all our customers".

The product specialists, which CVE has dedicated to the promotion of the Lynx brand in our territories, are the sales system integrators Alessandro Bianchi in Milan and Dario Bruno in Rome. They are fully supported pre- and post-sale by technical sales and support engineers from Lynx.

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David Holloway, Lynx Director of Sales EMEA 

"We are delighted to appoint CVE as our distributor in Italy. The combination of strong technical and system design knowledge, and sales support provided by CVE and the former Network Electronics people provides the best possible service to our Italian market. We are confident that this will bring the benefits of using LYNX Technik equipment to a broader customer base across several industry sectors.”

Dario Bruno

“Not only are the design and construction totally Germanic in their ISO 9000 and 14001 (Environmental Management) facilities”, says Dario Bruno, “but also the components are of high-level German origin.

Everything has been chosen with great care and it is no coincidence that this results in extremely reliable equipment. Lynx boasts truly tiny numbers of failures: this is a guarantee of total compliance with the requirements of the professional and broadcast AV market. Customers are supported with a 3 year warranty as standard, and extension up to 10 years is possible.“

“From a physical point of view these modules are immediately distinguished by a rugged bright yellow metal case, with switches for more frequent parameter settings, and screen printing on the front.

In addition to the company logo, the silk-screened writing unequivocally identifies the connections and functions of the module, making its implementation extremely easy and immediate.”

Lynx offers several groups of products "yellobrik", "Series 5000", "greenMachine" and “Testor”.


The modules of the "yellobrik" series include frame synchronizers, UPXD SDI format converter with ROI, sync generators, embedders, de-embedders, video and sync distribution amplifiers, optical switches, and electrical to/from fiber conversion modules for SDI to 48G, analogue sync, serial data and 1G/10G ethernet fibre converters/hubs, fiber splitter and fiber mux / de-mux modules.

In an individual brik application they are complete and stand-alone modules.

In a systemized approach yellobriks can be mounted in a powered rackframe which can optionally be fitted with two PSU offering power redundancy, a unique and comforting feature.

Newly introduced Controller and Server yellobrik modules allow all yellobriks to be completely integrated within an automated system. Mounted in a rackframe they permanently connect every mounted yellobrik to an existing ethernet control network. This integration avoids the need to physically ‘visit’ the yellobrik to make changes. Parameter setting, signal and power monitoring, reconfiguration and event triggered switching is now possible with Lynx AutoControl automation within the LynxCentraal application, or with any SNMPv2 based 3rd party automation structure. The Controller and Server are retro-compatible with existing yellobriks.

Due to their tiny form factor, up to 14 modules in a 1U frame, and self-sufficiency, they are especially appreciated in OB Vans, flight cases, in general external productions, as well as integrated in to studio environments. yellobriks have been so reliable that they are present and have been working daily - and for years - with many international and Italian broadcasters and networks. So reliable in fact that many customers have forgotten they are there.

LynxSerie5000Series 5000

The “Serie 5000” is a modular card system for typical uses, mounted in compact 2U rackfames, with redundant power supply and controller board. The optional Server including software applications allows full external control with LynxCentraal and event based automation for stand-alone control, or complete integration with yellobriks or greenmachines, or 3rd party controls systems.

It includes frame synchronizers, embedders and de-embedders, more powerful video and audio processors, video converters and distributors, video switches, audio distributors, many with fibre conversion options, and fiber mux / demux, splitters/combiners and accessories.


The "greenMachine" is a multi-application customer configurable processing platform based on powerful FPGA technology, compatible with SDI up to 12G UHD plus audio and metadata. Users simply load the functionality licence they need on any given occasion and the machine is transformed into a frame synchronizer, UPXD converter, test generator or embedder and de embedder, but above all - and here is the real benefit- it allows the management and conversion of dynamic HDR, with static up conversion from SDRwith custom LUTs, and a protected and unique multi-segment per frame, fully dynamic down conversion from HDR to SDR which retains over 90% of the perceived detail.

Licences can be switched within a greenMachine, or between greenMachines as many times as needed, at any time, for life.


Building on the test pattern generator built into the greenMachine and series 5000, Lynx offer a handheld, re-chargeable battery powered device which produces a wide range of broadcast video and audio test patterns. The complementing Waveform monitor and Vectorscope unit in a similar handheld format with 5” LCD is ideal for field or studio rigging or faultfinding. Available individually or as a kit in a rugged ABS case.

Alessandro Bianchi in turn underlines:

“Those who have used Lynx products before, in any AV system, in broadcast and even on board cruise ships, in addition to mentioning the total robustness and practicality, agree that they are based on an equally simple and well-made management software, the centralized control system via the LynxCentraal network. All this allows the operator to become familiar in a very short time and to easily manage all the remote control functions".

Luca Catalano concludes:

We are very pleased with this CVE agreement with the German Lynx and its products so strong in the distribution and conversion of HD-SDI, 3G, 4K, 8K video signals, as well as in the total management and conversion to and from the optical domain. Modular and modern "glue" devices, which represent the utmost in versatility, reliability and multi-format flexibility: they are technologically perfect, and what's more they are also attractive in terms of costs.

They will become increasingly indispensable in every installation and customization proposed by CVE".


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