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MediaPower participation in Veo-Labs: videoconference / live streaming / VOD publication in total autonomy

VeoLabs1MediaPower increases its interest in the world of OTT platforms and the autonomous generation of professional digital content by the user (UGC) with a partnership with French Veo-Labs.

Made up of a young and dynamic team, Veo-Labs is a French company based in Rennes, dedicated to end-to-end professional video, which offers "light & complete" video capture and production solutions.

Marcello Dellepiane CEO of MediaPower satisfied with this partnership declares:

"The integration of Vel-Labs with MediaPower allows us to propose solutions that can manage the entire video production and distribution process to the professional and corporate market. This in an even more precise way, from acquisition to production in full, up to the next publication, dissemination and supply of multi-channel video content, such as videoconferencing / live streaming / VOD publications”.

Veolabs2The system

Each system can be developed starting from elements of capturing the images by means of fixed or even portable devices.

They are typically based on simple cameras, fully operable even remotely, often of the PTZ type, which allow you to integrate even shots taken with cell phones placed on small stands.

These autonomous acquisition and production kit solutions for audio-video recordings are particularly interesting for the generation of video content produced directly by the user (User Generated Content) without relying on image professional videomakers.

They are, therefore, particularly aimed at distance learning, but also at corporate event videos, health simulation, the collection and organization of training content, role-playing games and much, much more.

VeoLabs4Live-in-kit communication

At the same time, they become indispensable for "live" and deferred video communications in the internal and external corporate of companies and local authorities, for webinars, videoconferences, municipal councils, cultural and medical events, webTVs, etc...

The potential of such systems is also very high because these kits - portable or stationary - allow the various contents to be tagged, or indexed, while they are registered.

These “markers” constitute a powerful enrichment of the videos because, once inserted, they allow to carry out very precise subsequent searches on the contents which, in this way, become very useful for re-use and immediate retrieval.

The same video, when it is recorded, can be immediately re-proposed in live streaming and in the following phase, with a minimum of post-production, all the recorded contents, in addition to the program, constitute useful reusable material.

Enriched and indexed

The contents generated by the user can be captured, enriched, modified and proposed in webcasts, on the company website, on social networks, sent via email and wherever it is useful. This is thanks to a very easy-to-use "mini control room" and a friendly software that manages up to 4 video inputs and an output “program”.

All the digital contents thus created are indexable on the fly and can be broadcast live on the web and placed also in an online archive, or on-demand storage platforms on the cloud, for subsequent conditional access with differentiated multi-user privileges, and eventually, paid subscription.

The concept of content identification through intelligent indexing allows you to search within any video and find a scene, a frame, a precise shot, a sequence, an audio commentary and get there unequivocally and quickly.

This indexing, which until now required manual supervision by an operator who manually inserted tags, is already available in totally automatic mode, thanks to the brand new "speech to text" function.

This remarkable step forward by Veo-Labs, automatic indexing, will allow speech to be transformed in real time into a series of tags or labels useful for subsequent retrieval, as search keys for interesting clips.

At the same time, a precise indexing of any content inside a digital audio-video file makes it possible to subsequently monetize it according to customizable commercial models, based on conditional accesses and subscriptions.

VeoLabs3Double valence

The digital video content management system thus proposed by MediaPower and Veo-Labs becomes very powerful because it allows anyone to create at least two different parallel viewing modes:

1) a proprietary linear and / or on-demand thematic video channel, open to all, where the videos are sorted by theme, title, author (such as YouTube), but also...

2) a VOD portal area with the same videos but indexed - automatically and manually - and totally searchable for a subsequent targeted use, super precise and thematic, with the possibility of creating a paid access, which can be monetized.

Marcello Dellepiane concludes:

"The Product Manager for Italy of MediaPower, to whom you can ask all further interesting details on Veo-Labs and certainly an exhaustive demo, is Luca Delucchi. [mailto:Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.]

In France and in the Paris region, these products are followed directly by Philippe Gaudion, CEO of Veo-Labs and a great expert at MAM [mailto:Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.] ”.



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