Maurizio Nacher, COO of EMG Italy: "We aim for quality and international synergy."

MaurizioNacherWith over twenty years of experience in TV production, Maurizio Nacher began his journey in television production in 2005 with Media Partners. 

After Infront's acquisition in 2006, his role grew significantly, coordinating host broadcasting activities for Serie A and FIFA Broadcaster Servicing during the last three editions of the World Cup.

In 2018, he ventured into the world of DAZN Italy, tasked with establishing the production department for Serie A integration and host broadcasting on other properties. 

His recent entry into EMG Italy in 2023 as COO filled a previously vacant position, aligning with the reorganization driven by the international EMG Group to maintain consistency with other countries.

 EMG Nacher

Overseeing international coordination, EMG has undergone substantial reorganization in the past two years, with more clearly defined operational areas. 
Maurizio's responsibilities include external production, where he manages OB Vans, technical resources, and the booking department.


His diverse and extensive team includes various technical experts and individuals responsible for mobile units, including warehouse management, production materials, logistics, and crew coordination.
The external production area encompasses significant projects such as Serie A and Champions League matches, the Giro d'Italia, and the Ski World Cup, among others.


Maurizio also supports the sales team and maintains constant communication with the international production area of the EMG Group.


"In my role," says Nacher, "I report to Italian CEO Claudio Cavallotti and international COO Bevan Gibson. Likewise, I am the link between the strategies of the international EMG Group and our operations in Italy. I'm also responsible for requesting additional resources from the Group when our Italian resources are already engaged in other events. This enhances international collaboration on various levels, involving personnel and technical structures, ultimately improving overall communication and efficiency."


Maurizio Nacher continues: "EMG Italy is increasingly involved in international productions, uniting with different countries to form a strong and cohesive front.
A recent example, among many, is the Ryder Cup in Rome, produced with resources from various countries within the Group, including our Orion 209 dedicated to the opening ceremony production. We've also had instances where we've needed to produce integrations in England by only relocating Italian personnel, involved in the artistic and production aspects while utilizing equipment already present in the UK.
This became possible due to our continuous, weekly dialogue with the different entities owning production facilities, namely Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and England, aimed at optimizing our resources and reducing mileage.
This, of course, results in significant benefits for the entire group, allowing us to make significant strides towards a more sustainable path. Sustainability is a central concept in the EMG Group's best practices.
At present, we are collecting essential data on emissions in our production chain with the intention, within the next two years, to implement a 'Science-Based Target', a protocol that precisely defines our emission reduction objectives. 
We are at the forefront of sustainability and work daily to explore ways in which the media and entertainment industry, in which we play a significant role, can progress and achieve substantial improvements while maintaining high production quality for our clients."


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#MaurizioNacher, COO of #EMGItaly. With over 20 years of experience in #TelevisionProduction, he oversees #ExternalProduction, with projects like #SerieA and #ChampionsLeague. He also plays a crucial role in supporting the sales team and maintaining international #Communication. EMG Italy is joining other countries in #Sustainability and #EefficiencyBased Productions.

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