FASTLY, NPAW (Nice People At Work) and CVE (Communication Video Engineering) gathered Italian OTT Professionals

CVEFastlyNPAWCVE (Communication Video Engineering) hosted a day of learning and networking for broadcasters, OTT operators, and live streaming industry professionals on the latest trends and developments in OTT video CDN, edge computing, and video analytics.

The focus was first on how CDNs can share high-quality video with a global audience, ensuring a reliable secure experience, and new developments in edge computing.

This first part focused on Fastly – a global edge cloud platform, HQ in San Francisco – and how it was designed to help build the best digital experiences with a suite of edge compute, delivery, security and observability offerings. 

“In a market as competitive as streaming media, milliseconds matter, personalization is expected, and security is a must”, said Hooman Beheshti, VP of Technology at Fastly. “Fastly’s fully programmable edge platform opens many opportunities to support customers and their need for flexible delivery processing, in real-time and at scale, in providing exceptional streaming media user experiences to their end users. This includes personalization, as well as content security to thwart piracy, and optimizations that greatly increase performance, build trust, and reduce cost.”

Then NPAW, HQ in Barcelona but also represented in Italy by CVE, introduced their Multiple CDN active switching, focused on its specialty, namely real-time video data, and explained how to use video data analysis to obtain information on audience behavior, improve video content quality, and measure the ROI of video marketing campaigns.

"With NPAW's CDN Balancer, service providers are able to optimize the overall streaming QoE for their users while reducing their delivery costs, by intelligently selecting the optimal CDN based in their own criteria and adapting video delivery to their needs”, said Cedric Pesier, VP Sales EMEA from NPAW.

The event was a valuable opportunity as it brought together the expertise of three high-value and technologically advanced companies, Fastly, NPAW, and CVE, who shared their experiences and knowledge.

Live streaming industry professionals were invited to connect and network, a great opportunity to learn more about the future of video communications.


CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) based on edge computing can improve video quality for OTT transmissions by optimizing the distribution of multimedia content.

This allows to reduce latency and improve video loading speed, guaranteeing a better experience for end users.

Fastly's software-defined programmable edge network was built to take advantage of modern internet architecture. Instead of deploying many small servers around the world, Fastly built powerful points of presence (POPs), and large amounts of memory in well-connected locations around the world, meaning that they provide a higher cache hit ratio, significantly reducing the need for requests to go back to origin.

The underlying architecture is not only fast but also highly customizable. Fastly lets customers cache event-driven content - despite its unpredictable nature. Customers can programmatically and instantly purge the cache when content changes.

Fastly uses its edge cloud platform to offer a range of services, including:

  • Network Services / Content Delivery Network (CDN): Fastly's powerful CDN comes with multiple features to support instant scaling and low-latency live or on-demand streaming. Its image optimizer allows for dynamically transforming images on the fly based on a user's device type, location, OS, and more. Fastly’s load balancing solution can optimize how global origin traffic is dispersed and supports intelligent load balancing between cloud providers for redundancy and resilience. Media Shield (for live streaming) will collapse incoming content requests and lower origin loads and egress cost. 

  • Security: Fastly offers a Next-Gen WAF (web application firewall), bot protection and rate limiting. Its high-bandwidth globally distributed network is ideally suited to block DDoS attacks.

  • Compute: Designed to address the requirements of modern application development, Compute empowers customers to run code in a highly secure execution environment with microsecond cold start times, at scale, on the edge.

  • Observability: Insights near real time, highly granular across all product lines providing customers with the best view of how their infrastructure is working.

Fastly is used by a wide range of companies, including:

  1. Media and entertainment: Universal Music Group, Spotify, Atresmedia, Altice news, Advance Publications (Condé Nast)

  2. E-commerce: Boots, Rakuten, Ticketmaster

  3. Technology: Reddit, Stripe, SpaceX

  4. News and media: The New York Times, The Guardian, Buzzfeed


NPAW Nice People At Work


NPAW is an acknowledged global leader in technology innovations that track and analyze video consumption, user behavior, quality of experience, and quality of service, helping online streaming services grow. 

The company, which operates in Italy through CVE (Communication Video Engineering), was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Barcelona and New York, with teams around the world.

NPAW's suite cover the entire video streaming supply chain, from distribution to measurement. 

NPAW's main products include:

  • BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, which includes Product Analytics, Publisher Analytics, and Ads Analytics

  • M-CDN SOLUTIONS, which includes CDN Balancer, CDN Balancer Active, and Switching

  • QoE/QoS SOLUTIONS, which includes Video Analytics, App Analytics, Benchmarks, and Infrastructure

LucaCatalanoConferenceNPAW recently launched Publisher Analytics, a new content optimization tool that helps publishers and editorial teams improve user engagement based on information about user behavior and preferences.

In addition, NNPAWlogoPAW offers multi-CDN network (M-CDN) management solutions that help streaming providers improve video quality and optimize their overall M-CDN strategy.

NPAW has also developed solutions for monitoring Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) that help to identify challenges, optimize user navigation, detect ad errors, and improve platform performance to offer an enhanced user experience.

INFO: https://www.cve-italy.com

INFO: https://www.fastly.com/

FastlyLogoINFO: https://www.npaw.com/

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