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“We can do many things for the medical sector.” Paolo Battaglia, Medical Evangelist at MediaPower

MedicalIn the medical and healthcare sector, MediaPower's ARKKI system offers a wide range of possibilities.

This suite, based on proprietary but open hardware and software, represents an innovative solution for the management and promotion of clinical services at different levels.

Paolo Battaglia, known as a "medical evangelist" for MediaPower, represents a crucial bridge between the medical world and digital technologies.

Thanks to his extensive experience in the Medical Capital Equipment and Medical Device sectors, Paolo stands out as a facilitator who understands the needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of multinational companies operating in the medical sector.

Starting at a young age in the IT field and continuing to work with companies in the medical field, he has acquired a deep understanding of the clinical environment and the needs of interventional physicians.

With roles ranging from clinical support in operating rooms to international sales management, he has developed a unique understanding of the medical sector.

PaoloBattagliaPaolo recognizes the importance of continuous training and has distinguished himself for his ability to interact with doctors to introduce innovative solutions in the Medical Device sector.

His experience includes managing multicenter projects, providing remote assistance in operating rooms, and supporting US companies in entering the European market.

For about a year now, his role at MediaPower has been to bridge the gap between the needs of doctors and medical corporations and the innovative solutions offered by the company.

Based on a deep understanding of the industry's needs, he is able to effectively present MediaPower's technological solutions to healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, thanks to MediaPower's over 30 years of experience in television broadcasting, successfully transferred to the medical sector, Paolo is able to respond to needs that have not only not been met so far, but have not even been expressed yet in the medical sector.

In doing so, he offers his clients the opportunity to anticipate trends that will become common in the coming years.

In addition, he is a strong advocate for the importance of effective communication in marketing and training, which MediaPower's solutions are able to manage perfectly.

These solutions allow clinics to create and offer a variety of innovative activities, including webinars on specific topics that promote collaboration between doctors to promote best practices and the adoption of new technologies.

Ultimately, Paolo Battaglia is a valuable asset to MediaPower and to the medical sector as a whole.

His passion for innovation and his commitment to facilitating the knowledge of digital opportunities for the medical community and corporations in the sector make him an important reference point in the field of medical technology.

DigitalMedicalEducationPaolo Battaglia has a battlehorse

MediaPower's ARKKI system allows even novice video users to create a complete television micro-studio, with high quality and mobility that makes it suitable for different situations, even outdoors.

It is ideal for audio and video recording of clinical procedures, guaranteeing data security and privacy. It allows you to manage access levels to videos for different categories of users, using permission hierarchies, and to maintain intellectual property of the data.

Videos can be published on canonical portals, such as YouTube and Vimeo, but can also form a private library on controlled channels, both internal and external.

Furthermore, thanks to its flexibility, the ARKKI system can be used to organize webinars and conferences on specific topics, involving experts in the sector and creating an environment similar to a television studio.

Interviews, both internal and external, can be integrated to show the company's success and its reputation in the territory.

MediaPowerMediaEducAt his heart

At its heart, the ARKKI system has a powerful MAM (media asset management), which also facilitates the creation of internal or external educational content.

It allows you to record audio and images of medical procedures at different levels and to create short and focused videos, suitable for different types of audience: such as medical students, healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public.

In addition, thanks to the "speech to text" function, based on Artificial Intelligence, the system allows you to automatically transcribe the audio content of the speech of the videos, simplifying the search and reuse of materials.

ARKKI represents a complete tool for the production and promotion of content in the medical sector.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and its clear and intuitive functionalities, it is also accessible to users who are not experts in IT and video, offering a set of activities related to brand marketing and self-promotion of the entire medical and health-care sector.

With the ARKKI system, the creation of high-quality content and its multi-channel distribution become easily manageable, allowing clinics to enhance their brand and reach new customers effectively and efficiently.


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