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TG5 Mediaset goes digital

TG5 is the news bulletin of Canale 5, the leading network of Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset, the most important private owned tv group in Italy. It is aired since January 13th 1992.

TG5 Mediaset produced in Rome was recently upgraded to full digital production using a brand new Dalet Galaxy system, already used for some months by SportMediaset. It allows to take full advantage of the potential of the features offered by a full digital system.

Among the key elements of this new system, the total workflow change, thanks to the experience gained by NewsMediaset Agency. So they got to the total elimination of Tape production and total access to the Milanese newsrooms agencies NewsMediaset and Sport Mediaset.
TG5 implements the new version of Dalet Galaxy that has new elements compared to the previous release 3.5, already integrated for NewsMediaset newsroom. The innovation concerns in particular the shift to shared 64bit technology, the integration of an engine dedicated to graphics, a new and complete solution dedicated to editing and voiceover that allows the editor to finish a more complete story, making it even simpler, more intuitive and faster to use. Besides, a more accurate and enhanced handling is achieved both during the search, retrieve and filing of the assets used in the packaging of the story.
With these latest integrated modules Dalet Galaxy system allows to manage the entire news production cycle via the MAM up to playout without resorting to third-party applications.
The system was developed and integrated by Dalet Italy in all its components, both software and infrastructure, Storage, Filesystem, Library.
TG5 counts as many as 200 activated clients but also including licenses activated for other news services in production, they get to 800. And the number is expected to grow even beyond 1,000, with the activation, in 2017, of 200 more.
For what concerns the channels of IN and Out, with the use of VideoServer Dalet Brio, now the standard in Mediaset, the company uses about 100 channels between the various playouts, the different newsrooms etc.
30 channels of ingest, entering the heart of Palatino distribution center, the new matrix, Evertz EQXXLink, 16RU with expansion up to 288x288, at present, however, sized, configured with 144 IN and OUT 144, plus 27 XLINK modules.
IP technology and fiber channel connections allow to have a highly redundant and flexible solution, offering the opportunity to easily change the configuration and type of inputs and outputs, expecting migration from HD to UltraHD without changing the infrastructure.
Once acquired the materials, both by various media as well as external feeds, agencies and contributions, the whole is made available, using the DDNDigital storage Data Direct Media Power S2A9900 series.
Other important components are real time online file system and cartmachine Quantum LTO, for a large nearonline archive, devoted primarily to the archive stories, with all contributions, services and stored materials, provided for a less frequent use.
Galaxy allows to manage the whole production of news without having to resort to external solutions. The integration module for graphics, Cube, allows to manage, inserting titles and graphics, automatically, according to templates: the reporter has only to insert the text. OneCut is the new version of the intuitive editing module, which allows the journalist to create voiceovers and editing of the piece, ready for airing. Another important element concerns the efficient control of the rights of the various contributions requested from archive. Every single staff member may use one of the 200 clients, which includes both modules dedicated to the various phases of acquisition and management of materials, both editing and graphics, to achieve complete autonomy in its stories which, once completed, will become available for each hierarchical verification and for airing. The playout server, Brio, by the TNT Group is integrated with Dalet worldwide to handle ingestion, metadata and playout, along with Cube, again by TNT Group dedicated to graphics.

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