Rai Way as fast as the F1

In cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Communications, Rai Way is responsible for the overall business management of transmissions and broadcasting operations of many of the most popular sporting events, including Giro d'Italia, and not only in Italy.

The task of this operator is ensuring the quality of video and radio broadcasts and, in general, transmissions of impeccable quality.

To do this, its staff must optimize the infrastructure available. One of the most important sites which involves Rai Way is the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. Actually this most important circuit is one of the main sites that Rai Way has to cover. Here in particular, Rai Way implemented a sophisticated test transmissions system for the Italian F1 Grand Prix employing Microlease equipments.
Based on test expertise and application knowledge, a broad range of equipment and flexible sourcing options, Rai Way is able to implement an advanced broadcast testing system in Monza for the Italian Grand Prix this summer and so it will be for next race. A multitude of broadcasters from different countries will be present at this annual event, and they will all depend on Rai Way to work under good conditions.
More in detail, a multitude of international broadcasters is always present at the annual event: it is over 180 radio microphones in operation, for a total of 220 different data streams to support. This requires the monitoring and the management of 60 different RF frequencies (in the bands from 1MHz to 13GHz). As part of an ongoing collaboration, four instrumental unit testing / multifunction analyzers have been placed in key points of the activities within the complex of Monza - specifically in the boxes, in the paddock, in the study of transmission and on track. These units have been decisive in supporting the live press coverage of the Grand Prix, allowing simultaneous monitoring of all radio streams from the cameras and microphones, as well as allowing to make real-time measurements with a high degree of accuracy.
The mounted drives comprising two handheld spectrum analyzers (which allow scanning up to 20 GHz) with integrated features for monitoring the spectrum and one scanner and two portable multichannel analyzers combined RF / microwave, able to perform accurate spectrum analysis functions in "real time" and also vector network analysis. It was also adopted an advanced technology on optical fiber, used to precisely locate the points of interference and to compensate for their effect on performance in transmission. The respective analyzers, spectrum analyzers and vector RF / microwave of each remote unit were all connected to a LAN and could be directly monitored by the quality control room located within the area of transmission, in the proximity of the pit lane at Autodromo di Monza. Thanks to the spectral analysis capabilities in real time offered by FieldFox devices, it was possible to capture / record necessary signals lasting up to 1µs.
"Microlease has long been a technology partner of Rai Way and the company's commitment in this particular project has been invaluable," says officially Dino Tedesco, Head of Quality Control at Rai Way Great Events. "Our next objective is now in setting up a fixed infrastructure spectrum monitoring within the Monza site, in preparation for future events. Through this it will be possible to cover more monitoring points, allowing us to achieve higher resolution.
"Angelo Cereser Italy Microlease Sales Manager for the North East, added:" The work carried out by Rai Way in Monza has been a great opportunity for Microlease to demonstrate the full extent of our expertise and is a good example of how we can contribute to the projects they are involved, providing a solid application oriented technical advice".