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Mediaset Premium and Champions League over the Internet

Mediaset Premium chose Accenture to broadcast the football matches of the Champions League over the Internet to more than one million viewers. Since the launch of the service on the cloud, monthly unique visitors have doubled.

Accenture has worked with Mediaset for the transmission of football matches of the Champions League by using a streaming video service. It is called Mediaset Premium Play, and it is a service available in Italy on more than 300 types of devices (smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, connected TVs and game consoles). It has already attracted more than 600,000 unique users per month to this multi device Mediaset Premium service, doubling the number of visitors since the service was made available, in July last year.

Mediaset Premium Play combines the intelligence and the power of the platform Video Solution (AVS) by Accenture, already used by over 60 million people on thousands of devices, also basing on the modularity, scalability and capabilities of Amazon cloud Web Services. On the basis of the demand of those who want to use the service, the platform dynamically adapts the technological infrastructure capacity needed to ensure the vision of the streamed matches. In this way Mediaset Premium can use only the resources needed at any given time, optimizing costs on a “best effort” intelligent scheme. Accenture Video Solution also provides real-time information about user behavior, helping Mediaset Premium to offer customized services.

Franco Ricci, CEO of Mediaset Premium, has officially declared: "Mediaset Premium managed to reach one million subscribers to this new service in just three months, using the cloud. In the television industry this is a tremendous accomplishment, made possible thanks to a solution that Accenture has implemented intelligently, easily and efficiently using Accenture Video Solution and its Digital Delivery Factory - a set of tools and methodologies that integrate products, architecture and technologies. - To ensure the continued use of digital content. "

Francesco Venturini, Accenture's Global Managing Director Media and Entertainment and Digital video businesses has commented: "By combining Accenture Video Solution with cloud platform Avs, Mediaset Premium can offer Over-The-Top Programming, which is competitive and of the highest quality at a great number of spectators. The growth of users and extremely low time-to-market are the results of absolute excellence in the European television landscape and confirm the success of the collaboration between Accenture and Mediaset Premium in recent years".

Video Solution is an innovative software solution created by Accenture that enables operators to deliver digital content Video on Demand and Live on broadband networks, ensuring full integration with the broadcast world.

The software offers many possibilities including live adaptive streaming, event monitoring, and capture and transmission of video based on IP. This range of services allows companies to enable new models of Over-The-Top TV on a wide range of devices. The viewer can then enjoy an experience "video anywhere" style, facilitated by features that simplify registration and offer new ways of interacting.

Accenture declares that AVS is able to be adapted to the specific needs of different operators in a short time, even in only three months. By using the tailor made SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model it is in fact possible to package a software that allows companies to get in the Video Broadband market in a quick, efficient and convenient way.

This solution represents a competitive advantage in a market where the spread of connected to the Internet devices - Smart TV, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and gaming consoles - is opening the way for a rapid spread of services dedicated to the production, distribution and monetization of video on demand and live content over broadband networks. Is is plain clear that the use of on-demand and live video over an IP network represents a huge market opportunity for broadcasters, telcos and content aggregators.

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