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Impression. Television production and distribution

With an office in Padua and another two in Rome and Milan, "Impression" is a company specialized in service and television production, especially dedicated to sports. The programs they create are dedicated to regional television channels, about sixty, and two national ones. Many of these stations have a Lcn between 10 and 19.

Impression rely, in addition, on the transmission of their programs on a well-known television channel in the Sky Italy bouquet, channel 148, Automototv, free to air visible via satellite.

Production studios are in Milan, precisely in Cinisello Balsamo, which create the programming that mostly airs on Automototv.

The Impression studies of Cinisello Balsamo are composed as follows: Real Studio / Virtual 150mt, 16Mt of virtual studio, 12 Mt virtual studio, 3 dressing rooms, 10 areas for preparation. All studies are connected to each other via optical fiber and 6 HD cameras by Thomson are employed. In the Control room a TriCaster 8400 is used.

Michele Doro President of Impression describes his company: "Local and regional TVs in Italy have always found difficulties to produce contents in the house, so we create and pass them ready contents for free.

Our business model is quite simple, we create "in-house" tv programs from scratch and we offer them to potential customers of advertising. So we directly insert the ads within the shows, and we fill the schedules of commercial TV with a high-quality programming.

Most of the productions are filmed entirely outdoor sports, but we also produce a lot in the studio; for example "Shakedown", "Classic Time", "Autonews, are all made in the studio with outdoor video as well."

All programs are distributed through the IMPRESSION platform: in practice a big storage is available to local and regional TVs, where every day we publish the fresly available productions, from news bulletins to various formats.

On www.impression.it the TV who will receive the program (s) has the option to review a “standard type" issue of the format that they will receive with description and technical details (duration, genre, etc.). Then before accessing to download the TV station has to send us some information (audience cover, LCN, logos, schedule etc.), to avoid as much as possible of the local TV to transmit the same contents.

After the TV has chosen the format to be transmitted, they must send Impression their schedule with the days of the programming and the scheduling times of the chosen format, along with replicas. Without the delivery of the schedule they are not given the opportunity to perform downloads.

Accesses for downloads occur for each format: in practice, if such a TV asks the "Shakedown" format they can only download the requested format and the platform inhibits the download of the other formats.

The production structure is composed of a dense network of freelance collaborators equipped with mostly Sony cameras, which complement the ''internal bone structure". Impressions actually owns a pair of small mobile vehicles, respectively with 6 and 4 Panasonic cameras. The second employs a flight cases mix of equipments and both ob vehicles were made in the house trying to keep costs as low as possible.


OB supplied IVECO 905

6 Cameras Thomson HD + CCU + CPR

1 Mixer Panasonic AV-HS450

1 BLT SMS-320

3 video recordings BlackMagic Pro HyperDeck

1 Video Matrix Black Magic

1 master control panel BM

1 Video Matrix 32X32 CV Elpro TZ32V

4 Monitor Philips 40 "

1 Group Generator Sigma


1 Audio Mixer Sony

1 comment Station

2 Genelec Speakers

8 Intercom Stations


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