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Development and innovation: Sky sport 24HD new mosaic channel

Monday, April 4th, 2016, Sky HD Sport24 launches the interactive mosaic. Sports shows and infos are now on when you want it and how you want it, at the service of the spectator.

Landmark for sports information in Italy, Sky Sport24 HD collects each month over 6 million unique viewers. In particular, there are about 2 million who tune in every day to the channel for all the updates from the world of sport, with an average stay of about 30 minutes a day for every viewer.

In addition to the channel 200, Sky Sport24 HD is also available on mobile and Sky Go streaming on Sky Online, the Internet TV Sky, included in the Football bouquet.
Francesco Zupi, Head of Interactivity says: "4 channels in HD are shown on the same screen on an interactive new mosaic (Ch 200) to customize the vision and sports information becomes technological and on demand, the top of interaction.
Following a continuous guideline of evolution and innovation, Italian sat pay tv creates a new way of getting sports information on demand."
This new mosaic of Sky Sport24 HD adds to the long list of others designed and created by Sky in recent years. Among them, the mosaic of Sky TG24 HD, one of Serie A, Serie A Goals Parade, the mosaic of the Series B, Series B Gol Parade, the mosaic for the Europa League and those created for F1, MotoGP and the Wimbledon (active during the prestigious tennis event in London), in addition to the Cinema mosaic and the one for children.
The new mosaic for HD sports news channel offers a new interactivity, since 4 smaller boxes lead to 4 dedicated HD channels you may select from the remote control.
For the first time in Italy sports enthusiasts are able to customize their viewing experience through 4 dedicated channels, visible all at the same time on the television screen."
Through the green button on Sky remote control - Monday to Friday - it is possible to have access to the exclusive mosaic with 4 channels:
1. SPORT24 SKY HD: the main channel, live 24 hours 24
2. THE FACT OF THE DAY: the press, the news of the day and the official statements of the players and riders at the press conferences
3. HIGHLIGHTS: goals, highlights and insights, to experience all the emotions of the main events
4. FOCUS: just inside the news with the deepening of the most important theme of the sports day.
The Statistics section will provide updated data - leaderboards, achievements and next rounds - the main sports, while in the right part of the mosaic the Appointments panel will provide an overview of the main events of the week. Finally, at the bottom of the mosaic, the Poll of the day will allow home viewers to express their views on a matter in the foreground, or their prediction tied to an event.
This new Sky Sport24 HD is made possible by using the following technologies:
Editing system based on Avid technology,
Playout system based on Avid technology,
Graphic Management of layout/background based on TNT/Dalet and LGK softwares,
Graphics system based on Vizrt technology,
Mosaic generating system based on Grass Valley technologies.

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