Advanced Integration, MotoGP

The Alliance, since the beginning of 2016, brought together three thirty-year experience companies in the broadcast television production market: Global Production, One TV and SBP. Today, The Alliance represents the major TV provider Facilities operating in Italy, from the offices of Milan, Rome, Padua and Turin.


One of its operational divisions, ONE TV, created a very versatile and modern system for the management of television coverage related to MotoGP races. The original system was created in 2014 and thereafter used each year and constantly updated. (Two containers used to host the necessary flight cases, now they are three).
This system is very interesting from the point of view of the engineering for the high technological content that could not be otherwise, given the events are distributed on television networks in every corner of the globe.
"The original plan held in due consideration the preparation and the high "literacy" of viewers who are increasingly demanding, informed and computerized, as Andrea Gianolli, CEO and CTO of One TV reminds: "a considerable amount of technology is required to integrate images and the international audio, with in-depth content and an hoc tailored support for users of each country."

The official feed is made on each racing circuit from the rights holder Dorna, while One TV system is to greatly enhance the personalization of SKY Italy tv program that is spread to viewers. So we are talking of additional cameras able to capture many details, comments, interviews, replay and personalized contributions. Obviously personalized customer graphics and the complete management of the many communications between the technical staff locally but also remotely over the national television studios do not lack.
The complexity of the system is evident and in fact, generally, the whole directing is created from one or more vehicles, -Ob-vans on wheels to be moved on every venue. But here, in order to have an assembled gallery in record time, to be able to dismantle, transport and reassemble everything on each circuit after the other, and to be able to get ready in a very short time for live tv, One TV have prepared a very complex system. It is collected in only several flight cases and 3 containers which is usually travelling on a normal air cargo.
This media circus moves on different continents in record time to follow the MotoGP with a complete gallery in-a-box. It is an advanced integration technology example that sets up in less than two hours, including line-up.
In practice, integration and customization accompany all the 18 stages of the MotoGP championship, allowing SKY Italy to offer everything an attractive live program in HD for each Grand Prix.
Dimensions and storage of valuable materials are carefully planned and controlled as well as the location of the equipments and accessories within the flight cases that guarantee the total safety of everything.
The devices integrated into the system must obviously collimate perfectly and they represent the current state of the art for each component; and so here the choice is of Grass Valley LDK8000 for cameras, RF systems by Gigawave, SONY BRCH7000 for remote cameras on location.
For replay and contributions they have integrated the Grass Valley K2 SUMMIT servers with K2 DYNO. Video mixer Grass Valley Karrera 64 3ME inputs, graphics and telemetry are managed by a triple Vizrt system, with incoming data from Dorna.
A matrix EVERTZ XENON 128x128 with 192 XLINK is alongside the multiviewer EVERTZ VIP (8 x Monitor Samsung 46 "2 x 17 HD Monitor JVC DTV17G1), plus 2 x EVERTZ SPG with GPS and General Glue Equipment.
Communication systems and audio consoles are Stagetech Crescendo, with MADI Nexus Star matrix with two MADI cards 64ch, and ADAM-M-RTS TELEX in 176x176 configuration, intercom stations KP32CLD RTS and RTS Desktop DKP16CLD.
The 5.1 audio monitoring is Genelec, with 8130A bi-amplified satellites and sub 7261, TSL PAM2-3G16MKII, while commentator stations employ Units by GLENSOUND.

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