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[Video] Nuovi altoparlanti in ferrite per FaitalPRO (1) [English]

2012 marks yet another important milestone for FaitalPRO with the successful launch

of an entire line of professional loudspeakers based on ferrite magnets.
Following on the considerable success of the existing Neodymium Loudspeakers range, FaitalPRO undertook a massive development effort to design more than 30 different models based on ferrite magnets in under 9 months.
The complete series of drivers ranges from very small loudspeakers starting from 3 inches all the way up to high power 18” subwoofers.
The Prolight+Sound 2012 has been chosen as the European venue for unveiling the more than 30 new models designed throughout 2011.
The decision to take on the development of a brand new range of products, the ferrite range of products, was due to a combination of factors, not only the market requirements, but also to complete the range offered to our clients thereby reaching a portion of the market not yet addressed by the company. 
Taking a closer look into the FaitalPRO ferrite series we can see that the overall range can be broken down into major groups featuring quite a few distinguishing factors: 

The 1030’s have the highest power rating of all, 
This group concentrates FaitalPRO's experience and know-how and puts it into practice in the ferrite world. 
The 1030 range has the characteristic of being an extremely high power range: it's capable of over 1000 W. 
The 4” voice coil, wound inside and out, guarantees constant performance throughout the life of the driver. 
The mechanics of the product are studied in extreme detail and incorporate an efficient cooling system working side by side with the suspension structure. This series implements a double - non adjacent – symmetrical – variable height waves – spider system which guarantees an incredible DC-offset control as well as the durability of the product overall, even in high stress conditions.
Taking a closer look at the 1010’s, also equipped with a 4” voice coil wound inside and out, these loudspeakers are characterized by a power rating ranging from 700 to 1000 watts. While always guaranteeing an excellent performance in subwoofer applications they also show their versatility in high power two way enclosures; 
As is the case with all FaitalPRO products, these drivers and their components are fully validated to be impervious to any environmental conditions. The 1010’s design also features high performance cooling and suspension systems guaranteeing a greater power compression control and linearity of movement.
For the 510’s we decided to adopt a 3” voice coil, always wound inside and out, and made them the most versatile group of drivers in the entire FaitalPRO catalog. Capable of a power rating ranging from 500 to 700 watts, this series of products is particularly indicated for mid-woofer applications and effortlessly combines high efficiency levels with extended excursion. 

With the new Ferrite range of products FaitalPRO offers yet another alternative to its customers.
Superior by design, all FaitalPRO products are conceived to outperform the competition and the new ferrite range is no exception. Extensive and detailed validation procedures are carried out on every new design in order to guarantee the industry’s highest quality level and the ability to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions right “out of the box”.


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