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The professional graphic softwares developed by Italian company ClassX are intensively used in all television programs, where the key word is "realtime".

"Currently, the TV channel "Repubblica TV" uses four ClassX stations for the airing, offering AV informative content in continuous rotation; these are graphic workstations also used to enrich the interventions shot live in studio with guests or in live events.

A very interesting structural feature is that on the basis of a schedule more or less "stable and repeatable", it is always necessary to reorganize many of the contents in a different way every day, adapting to what the menu calls on video. And all the graphics must follow in a very dynamic way."

The professional graphic softwares developed by Italian company ClassX are intensively used in all television programs, where the key word is "realtime".

"We mainly use ClassX softwares because they are able to harmonize reliability and functionality, allowing us to cover all requirements for small and large-scale production of live graphics. "Red or Black, for instance, was a production for RAI by Magnolia where we have used on a massive scale Italian Softwares by ClassX interfacing with Pandora, a system designed for the broadcasting of ledWall video contents in real time, bound on optical fiber. We used created ad-hoc scripts and produced a game show also involving the automation of complex objects.

Fabio Pastore, Owner Unidea, a very important company in the areas of communication, broadcast and great events.

"For our type of work, each operator is equipped with a stand-alone workstation and special softwares. Among them, the latest version of the CastaliaCG package, MoreCG, CoralCG by ClassX and whole suite made for sports is used as an open graphics package so that we can always customize it in team with the mother company."

Marco Denna, Head of Post Production and Graphics RAI Milan.

"This year's event "MTV Awards 2013", repeats the pattern of previous editions, so we once again chose the broadcast graphics modular products by ClassX but this time with the addition of the "SocialServer" module. In fact, the real novelty of 2013 is the integration with social networks: the public can actively participate in the event by voting and commenting. We chose the two ClassX modules, "SocialServer" and "SocialPlayer" because this solution allows us to broadcast messages from the various social networks in real time, with ease and immediacy .
The SocialServer fits into a context familiar to us already, characterized by regular use of other softwares always by ClassX, such as - for example - the editor CastaliaCG, or Liveboard which is the playout module of the graphics that goes on the air."

Marco Castellana, in charge of playout and engineering sector MTV Italy.

"We are operating 24 hours a day , seven days a week with news and information in a continuous loop on our channel A1 Report. What the viewer sees from home is a mosaic of "picture in picture", with graphics always present and two main squares of different sizes running continuously the most important news, 24 hours.
For the production and broadcast of our channel A1 Report we exclusively use various softwares by the Italian ClassX that allow us, through the connection with our CMS to manage the entire graphic creation and broadcast of the tv channel.
The engine base is the core of ClassX, i.e. Liveboard module that manages the entire flow of information and playout through graphical templates made by means of specific templates created for such purpose."

Olger Teneqexhi technical director of the Albanian television channel "A1Report."

"The key to success of ClassX softwares is precisely the flexibility, and usability, allowing you to achieve" a lot" and quickly. We have been employing them since 2006 and specifically for over a year in all the sports for RAI (Rai Sport 1 and Sport 2 ): Specifically, CastaliaCG offers intuitive graphical processing tools that make the creation of graphic projects a painless operation.
CoralCG largely shares the tools and operation of CastaliaCG, integrating objects and the environment of a fully three-dimensional positioning.
Liveboard is very convenient because within it - as well as having a pre determined operational framework – it allows the creation of small automation sets of commands to add custom functions."

Alessio Viscione Unidea technical manager: production of conventions, graphic formats for television, entertainment programs and sporting events for major television networks, multimedia and satellite platforms.

"The software we use, those by ClassX, from my personal experience, are more intuitive. I also used other graphics packages but they were very "computer style" and needed more experience at the programming level. It is crucial to rely on an editor just like CastaliaCG which allows to create from scratch all the graphics design in all its complexity."

Corrado Traverso, Post Production and Graphics operator RAI Milan.




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