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Professional Show and One TV launch a pre-fitted OB-VANs plan

With a small aerospace metaphor we could say that up to "yesterday" IP technology was rather "parked" on a slow but progressive development orbit, which followed a course of regular, constant diffusion, without particular accelerations.


IP enters into orbit

Today, in the first months of 2020, the crisis caused by coronavirus has forced to deeply examine all the production procedures of the television production, post production and delivery and one of the most evident results was a decisive acceleration of IP technology that makes remote production and from home operation possible.

The covid-19 has basically acted as a booster in the television production sector and pushed the IP from its semi-static orbit towards a path of very fast approach to the earth even for those who still were cautious.

Typically, remote production allows to send only the essential equipment and only a few people from the technical production team to the event venues.

This makes it not entirely suitable in many events, such as high-level sports, where the spectacle also requires the presence of some operators on the field and certainly remote cameras are not enough to recreate the necessary empathy.

In this direction, the companies that build tv mobile vehicles are reacting by adapting and interpreting what could be the demands of future shooting, in different ways.


Half full or half empty

An interesting example is the one proposed by the Professional Show in Padua which, in collaboration with the subsidiary One Tv, has launched a production model based on pre-set mobile vehicles, to be finalized in a second phase and in a very short time on the needs of customers.

The next "prepared" OB-VAN is declared officially available between May and June 2020 and a second unit is scheduled for September 2020, ecxepr production "complications" created by the Coronavirus situation.

For both units, it is still possible to apply changes and modifications to the operating layout, the interior fittings, the choice of colors and materials.

This new concept stems from recent successful projects and realizations such as the first 25Gbit fully Full-IP 4K HDR OB-VAN on the Italian market (late 2019) and the POD (early 2020), a new concept of mobile gallery, built on ISO expandable shelter and transportable by air.

The new OB-VAN type is built on a semi-trailer with three axles with a total weight of 36/38 tons on the ground, a third steering axle, drum brakes and air suspension.



Comfort and choices

Fabio Veggiato, Professional Show S.p.A. Commercial Director, says: “The project stems from a collaboration between us and One TV and the strong desire to be a reference for the mobile vehicles industry that we can supply in a very short time. Also in this project we have put to good use the great experience as protagonists in the ob-van market, commissioning to

specialized bodywork Tomassini Style a certain number of pre-fitted vehicles. This in order to be able to be ready and finalize delivery quickly with the desired finishes, according to needs.

The working group of Professional Show and One TV then deals with the supply of on-board equipment and the technical realization and design, under the technical and design supervision of Andrea Gianolli.

Passion and experience allow to know how to manage spaces to the maximum.

On board there are two entrances for two different crews and direct access to the technical area, two audio galleries, two separate video galleries and a lounge area can accommodate some elite "spectators".

The large total open space of 80sqm houses the production and replay etc, and allows separate areas to be kept for the machines and a supervisor station is used to control all the on-board equipment."



Future proof modus operandi

The great experience in the planning and realizing finished projects in the television industry are poured in the design and allow Gianolli to know perfectly how each production is to be faced.

So the spaces are calculated and created exactly according to the very long direct experiences in the field.

For technical equipment, One TV interfaces with Professional Show in the person of Paolo Artuso, technical broadcast manager.

All the on-board systems - which at first sight seem secondary but certainly are not - are calculated to the millimeter, included air conditioning and battery backup that keep the vehicle operational up to 45 minutes without power. 

The lifting system, the expansions, the space management make the difference in terms of operation and comfort.

In a second phase, the final customer will choose which technical segments to fill the vehicle with, to make it tailored to his needs, thus choosing brands and products also according to personal tastes.


From technology to comfort

Andrea Gianolli, CEO of One TV S.r.l and OB-VAN Project Director, underlines: “For me, the devil is in the details, in fact I have been a user, field production supervisor, designer and builder of these systems for many years. In addition, I have always listened to the requests of all the technical crews, so I know how to manage every aspect in the best way.

There are design choices such as finishes, coatings, ergonomics, insulation, sizing, heating, stabilization, which allow me to increase comfort and affect the electrical system, air conditioning, the possibility of interventions in case of failure and replacement of devices and much more.

In practice they seem small details, some secrets, some obvious, but in the end they make a big difference.

The modularity and the possibility of setting up according to subsequent customizations also allow to reduce delivery times, reducing the final set-up period and optimizing costs, thus fully respecting the customer's personal choices.

The project was not born so much for cost savings but to guarantee the customer with the maximum return in respect to the investment, very high final quality and livability, that is 100% "usability"."



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