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L'Opera Broadcast Video Service and their new OB7, 14-meter truck with 28 4K UHD HDR cameras.

L'Opera Broadcast Video Service was born 35 years ago in Foggia, following the intuition that, in order to survive in the South of Italy and in a difficult working situation, it was necessary to differentiate from the qualitative point of view by creating a strong profile.

The choice was therefore made on the competences of the 7 partners and the intuition was to dedicate to mobile TV services.
So in difficult years where technology was scarce and the only TV company to have a live television broadcast was RAI, L'Opera began to take shape as a high-level TV production service with some mobile vehicles in SD, based on heavy investments and even going against the tide, in fact RAI had already their own vehicles.
Then, with the birth of the other national broadcasters and with the expansion of the market, this step proved to be a winner and in fact the other tv services disappeared over time, while L'Opera - thanks to its winning formula - still prospers and even doubles with a brand new mobile, as we will see shortly.

The founder's voice
In this sense Michele Infante, today Chief Executive Officer, owner and founding partner, proudly claims to be the eldest service in Italy.
"In all these years we have moved from the first mobile SD tv gallery, facing all the technological steps of the market and today we are configured as owners of three important mobile HD vehicles.
In time we then dealt with the personalization of Mediaset in motor racing which allowed us to develop a great competence in the sector and to structure ourselves in today's shape.
From the purchase of the necessary buildings and the indispensable mobile vehicles, today we live thanks to stable customers and we configure ourselves as specialized in outdoor shooting with mobile broadcast vehicles and with great orientation towards sports competitions.
The core business of the company is motor racing where we produce two European and one Italian championship, AC Sport.
The three historical "HD" mobile vehicles are also accompanied by a moving satellite uplink, in addition to the great step just realized that provides a 4K UHD HDR truck due to launch shortly.
Among the most interesting commitments we need mention the Italian Rally that will see us engaged next year and a contract with a Spanish company that allows us to follow the European championship in eight countries, as well as a further commitment with a Swiss company that covers six other European stages."

The three vehicles and the new OB7.
The mobile vehicles which L'Opera owns were designed internally and then created by specialized companies, as in the case of the new OB7, the seventh created, commissioned to Video Progetti Srl.
All are born from the deep experience of working in this sector and the last one - obviously - becomes the synthesis of 35 years of commitment in live sports.
They were among the first in Italy - about ten years ago - to create the double expansion on a vehicle, as on the OB 5, in which two completely expandable right and left walls allow to create a lot of space, to the point of having the feeling of operating on a truck while being on a smaller vehicle.
The external 5, operating with 18 cameras, is the mobile vehicle generally engaged with motoring, while the other two flagships are the Regia Mobile 6 HD / SDI respectively which works with 6 cameras and the Regia 4 which works with 12 cameras.
The long presence in the motoring sector has gradually "forced" to structure with ever more efficient and long-range fiber transports and to have hubs and power generators to deal with the typical tasks of long hauls and long distances of the tracks.

Michele Infante says: "The new OB7 is the point of arrival of our history and experience. It is equipped with 7 separate areas, for a total of 10 production zones, Regia Video 1, Regia Audio 1, Replay, Coord Station. 1, Regia Video 2, Regia Audio 2, Coord. 2, Post. Engineering Contr. Cam., Jolly.
In practice, this new vehicle becomes the representation of the Italian reality that moves towards 4K and that requires the possibility of performing two operations together: the shooting as host broadcaster and at the same time an integration, ie it can easily perform two parallel services, but totally independent."

On board
Two separate and independent entrances open to the seven independent areas: two A / V zones adjacent to each other and separated with independent entrances, plus ENG with an independent entrance. The heart is made up of two Kahuna 9600 GV Video switchers - SD / HD / 3G / UHD / IP and Sirius 840 GV Video Router - SD / HD / 3G / UHD / IP Kaleido MX GV Multiviewer.
The RVM section and the EVS XT-VIA are on the longest wall, then there are two audio mixer galleries equipped with important equipments, 2 Calrec Audio Mixers Summa digital audio console and Dolby E - 4HP Encoders. On board we find a Dotec Audio / MADI System and a Clearcom Eclipse HX Intercom System / Omega Waveform Prism Tektronix IP, 4K 12G. The Video-Audio luggage racks are in the rear area and the Video one is front.
The new OB7 is a 14-meter truck, completed at the end of August by the 480-horsepower tractor that pulls it, ready to work with 28 cameras in 4K UHD HDR, Sony cameras and Canon lenses including 101x.
The enormous total working area is of 61 square meters, with two entrances plus a separate one for the engineering area, divided by a movable sliding wall and relative door that allow to obtain a single giant area or two dedicated ones.
One of the areas, if you do not need the customization of a second feed, can become useful for creating streaming or other particular configurations, comment booths and other things that can be necessary on-site.
Designed internally in the company, it is the result of a first round of information gathered by important customers who stressed the need for contemporary integration for many events.

Michele infant confides to us: "To tell the truth, initially we had thought of two separate vehicles that could be combined on demand; this in order to face even minor events in 4K and not only the big matches, adjusting the commitment of resources.
However, customers highlighted the need to also have an integration on board the vehicle to optimize the economic commitment.
Therefore, after a first layout and subsequent presentation to customers who have made very precise requests for the division of the areas and access zones, the spaces have been designed in a manner congenial to the requests and entrusted with the task of Video Projects. Today there are only a couple of similar vehicles in Italy."

Other details and project
In this vehicle 35 people can work in parallel comfortably seated and all the electronic equipments have been concentrated in the front area; the ventilation and air conditioning system have been particularly studied and the vehicle includes three expansions, two to the right of one meter and 80 and one to the left of a meter.
The matrix and video mixer are by Grass Valley, all in 4K, designed for IP functionality, but not yet completely in IP because this technology is still considered not entirely reliable.
Clearcom is the choice for communication equipments.
The on paper study of this vehicle started in September last year and the actual project started in January for a realization lasting about six months.
September 2019 sees the official launch with the first engagement on field in Spain in Barcelona, for a car race, the Gran Turismo final. Immediately afterwards it is logical to expect a whole series of engagements in Serie A football, given that it is born precisely to become host broadcaster as principal direction and for a personalization, integration, at the same time, as secondary direction.
Very interesting to note that on board a UPS guarantees airing even in the event of a power failure for up to 40 minutes in complete autonomy and allows you to arrive on site and start setup immediately, even if the power generator is still on the road.
The on-board power supply is completely double and redundant, so the vehicle is totally fault tolerant.
Speaking of disaster recovery, if you work for only one customer the possible continuity of the signal is even guaranteed 4 times, both on the video and on the audio.
Other preciousness, see on board a System Management Hi Live Broadcast Solution that allows to manage and configure all the on-board equipment in a complete way, including matrix, audio and video mixer and all the rest.
The cost without cameras is estimated at around three million euros plus VAT, to which must be added 92 thousand euros for the tractor.

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