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European Challenge Rugby Cup NEP

The event is called "ERCC, European Rugby Challenge Cup" and two of the 10 matches in January involve Grenoble, precisely on 18th January and the second Parma on 19th, opening to the subsequent quarter-finals and the final.

This championship is composed of a series of European competitions and from October up to today 6 were held in Italy.
The international tv service commissioned by customer DAZN is NEP Group Italy that engages the Mobile Unit 24 in Grenoble and Unit 18 in Parma.

For both matches a day of preparation is necessary and, apart from the physical dimensions of the ob-van involved, the two great rugby moments are "specular" and shot in HD with eight cameras.

Maurizio Morini, technical manager in charge of the event, gives us some details: "Unit 18 truck measures 16.20m long and 3.50m wide and weighs 45 tons."
"It can operate with up to 14 cameras and in this case we are using 8, placing the 1 and 2 in a high position on the public side."
"Often we try to position the 3 at the same height as the 1 and 2 -as it happens in soccer- but here there is not enough space."
"In fact, it is often natural to make a comparison with football where the cameras take quite close shots of the details to follow the actions, while in rugby shots are always a little wider and involve small groups of players."
"Camera 1 remains to take quite wide shots to show the action as a whole.
This is because in rugby the action is always more articulated and mobile than in football and generally the small groups of players are followed by 2 and 3."
"Another camera is placed on the sideline on a hi-lo and still takes a lot of shots from high position.
Another 4 cameras are positioned on the corners of the field and a shoulder camera takes care of shooting the whole field, always on the side of the 1 and 2."
"An additional dedicated camera shoots the lower left corner of the court and then also shoots super flash images and mini flash, that is the interviews at the end of the first half and at the end of the game, in addition to the pre-game and of the post match interviews."
"The game involves all the staff over a two-time span of 40 minutes each with an interval of about ten minutes.
In the field we have installed tripods and shots are always a bit wider than in football, since the ball seems to move faster and the various actions are articulated on a larger space, involving the whole field."
"In football, however, the action is easier to follow.
In rugby, the group of players moves rather compactly and the development of the action is a bit more difficult to follow."
"It is interesting to note that even the shots that involve the coaches in the stands are fewer, just because they are less angry than in football. In fact, although it may seem a bit violent action sports, in fact it is not: there are many less offenses and complaints in general, because - in case - the referee intervenes immediately with punishments."
Often the shots involve stands where the public is composed of many families and there are far less over excited fans."
"In the match the constant presence of the referee's voice is very important since he makes decisions continuously and constantly consults the other referees."
"Stereo audio is captured by eight microphones placed in the field, mostly Sennheiser 416, plus a stereo Sennheiser 418, placed near camera 3, on the sideline.
Sony High Definition Cameras HDC 1500 / HDC 3300 Cameras are used with Fuji-Canon lenses and Vinten and Cartoni tripods."
"The mobile vehicle provides a fairly standard configuration with two people who take care of the cameras controls, Sony 128 x 128 HD / SD Matrix Multi format Patches ARGOSY, 960 Patch Points, Video-Testing Leitch VTM4100 HD waveform-vector. The Monitor wall is 10 VISION Kroma 17" Quad split monitor, the VTR are 4 x Kroma 17" Quad Split, 6 x Sony 9", 2 x Sony 16" Rec / Play 2 x Sony HDW D2000, 2 x XDCam 1500, 5x BLT SMS 4U, 2x DVD recorder. Framestore are 3x For-A 9500/20, 1x For-A FA505 and the distribution is Ross Gear.
The Production Area includes a Sony MVS 8000A Multi format HD mixer, 4 ME, 4 DME, 68 inputs, 24 outputs, clip recorder with Monitor wall 6 x 32" Monitor, 3x Sony 17" Monitor, Multiviewver 1 x For-A MV-4000 and Undermonitor TSL Tallyman Tally manager."
"For the Audio production area we rely on two Yamaha CL5 Audio Mixers, 1 x Rio 3216, 1 x Rio 1608, 3 x Mio Madi I / O, 1 x MR7-D Digital Matrix, 2 x RSio 64D; a Yamaha 01v96 Backup audio mixer; Dolby DP571 unit, 1 x DP570 audio tool, 1 x DP572. For Monitoring, Videotek ASM100, 6x monitoring speaker and Rec / Play on CD, Compact Flash, Hard Disk."
"All the camera connections are on fiber optics and some Mediornets carry the signals to the analysts of the teams to record some signals of dedicated cameras (two signals each).
Other Intercom equipment are the Clear-com Eclipse 64 ch, ISDN / PSTN: 2x Glensound GS1U050, Commenters box, 2x Glensound GSOC-24, Wireless: 2x Motorola GM360, 10x GP340."
"The production crew on the Van includes not only the director and the graphic designer, a PMO or support officer for the referee (the one in VAR, Visual Assistant Referee), then two RVM, an RVM coordinator, two camera controls, a technician and a sound engineer."


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