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World Values Day

The first international event in Italy broadcast live streaming in H.265 format: Oscar night for the WORLD VALUES DAY

Celebrated at the Campidoglio in Rome in October the ceremony of the Italian Values Awards celebrates the World Values Day which involved champions, artists and record-masters.

It was an authentic night of the Oscars, celebrated in the historic setting of the Protomoteca Room in the Campidoglio in Rome at the Italian Values Awards, the official recognition of the World Values Day, united for the first time Italy with another 67 countries in the world.

Accepted by the heat of the flash and the fans, the great champions of the prestigious international event have gone through the red carpet: champions of sports and personalities of culture and entertainment that have distinguished themselves for extraordinary achievements, teaching and values.

The Italian Values Awards event was produced in Full HD 1080p and broadcast thanks to Sematron with the H.265 format thanks to the help of the Teradek Bond 757: it is a new generation of video encoders that use the recent compression, a tool that after receiving the flow from the video source, transforms it into an IP stream, but at the same time a bonding device that allows, through the use of multiple connection radio-keys, to "unpack" this encoded stream and send it to a central server with Sputnik license.
The latter is configured to reassemble the stream as received and then send it to the platform used for live streaming, or to one or more decoders.
The broadcast took place simultaneously for both direct TV on the national circuit of Gold Italia (ch 128 digital terrestrial Italian service) and live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, thanks to the use of the Teradek Core cloud management platforms, which allow simultaneous Live streaming on different video streaming platforms without needing to generate multiple streams. Introduced for the first time in 2013, H.265 is the successor to H.264, and allows more than double compression of data over the predecessor, while maintaining the same video quality. It also supports resolutions up to 8K. This means that H.265 will open the way for better quality video, keeping a reasonable file size.
It must be noted, also, that H265 is an open source implementation of it. Besides, since H.265 is recent, it is not widely supported yet.

Sports journalist Gianluca Meola and actress Elisabetta Pellini have conducted an event of rare originality between sports, entertainment, music and culture, which has seen climbing champions such as boxer Clemente Russo, world champion Arianna Errigo and Paolo Pizzo, the national women's soccer player Elena Linari, European heavyweight champion Mirco Scarantino and the blind golfer Stefano Palmieri, champion of the prestigious British Blind Open 2017 international tournament.
Among the awards are also Darwin Pastorin sports journalist "Letter to a young football player", director of "Crazy for Football" Volfango De Biasi and actor Simone Riccioni, protagonist of the film "Free Will", telling a touching story of sports and disability.

Sematron Italia was the first Italian company in 2011 to produce and distribute in live streaming against FIGC-Italian Football Federation the Serie A youth championship races in the Allievi and Giovanissimi professionisti categories. Today, thanks to the agreements with the LND-National Amateur League and the FIGH-Italian Football Handball Federation, it produces and transmits with the new H.265 compression the national championships of female football and men's handball.

Info: www.sematronitalia.com

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The prestigious international event has been produced and broadcast in Italy for the first time in live streaming in H.265 format by Sematron Italia through the use of the Teradek Bond 757, video encoder and bonding device for which the roman company is a distributor (www.sematronitalia.com), which has allowed the use of the latest data compression recently introduced in our country.


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