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A.S. Roma tv channel and multimedia

The "Associazione Sportiva" Roma is today considered as one of the 'excellence clubs' of the Italian football Serie A Italian. Founded in 1927 with the goal to consider all assets equally to develop the best possible potential of the company, today it includes related activities such as merchandising or multimedia communication.

(January 2015)
The new media center of the channel and the multimedia production center are in the center of Trigoria, where all the activities of AS Rome, are concentrated and carried out in a specific area equipped with the most advanced technologies. Shooting video in the past was contracted in outsourcing to an external structure, while today the center of radio and television production, has editorial staff that produces content for the portal of the company and the TV channel (in the offer of Sky Sports), the radio channel, broadcast FM (Radio Rome, 100,700 MHz), and other platforms on various social networks.
All this has been possible thanks to the integration of innovative technologies that have enabled the club to offer a production model, that "with traditional technologies, would have had no chance of being realized, for obvious budget problems," as explained by Guido Fienga, Head of Strategy & Media AS Rome. The strategic model - it was said - is based on innovative technologies and on a particular system of outsourced activities that allows the AS Rome to have as much control as possible on the content and production phases, without having to load with duties and responsibilities related to aspects of production and technology.
The preparation is in fact managed directly by the company, with an adequate team of editors; technologies and production are just outsourced to two companies, Broadcast Solutions and InMedia.
In practice, Broadcast Solutions, as well as designing the system, prepared and installed all technologies dedicated to the production of contents and the playout, coordinating with InMedia also providing human resources devoted to production activities.
A system designed with high accuracy allows to offer a high quality of production (being all technologies integrated at broadcast level and high-profile), combining both production efficiency and operating costs appropriate to the goals indicated by AS Rome for the provision of service.
Tech control room is structured for multi-camera HD productions, and the production system is based on new Grass Valley LDX cameras, video mixer Karrera, video server K2 Dyno. The infrastructure is made equally on video technology by Grass Valley with video matrix and integrated control system series NV multiviewer KaleidoX, processing, distribution and display of signals Densité.
The audio system is based on an integrated console with three processing units Lawo Crystal MKII, interface processing and Mux / Demux Lawo Vpro8. intercom system is by Riedel and microphones and speakers by Neumann and Sennheiser.
The wireless cameras are by Link operating within the sports center use Acrobat Riedel Communications products.
The airing system is the iTX by Grass Valley, scalable, enterprise-class solution, . Based on standard IT infrastructure, allows simultaneous operation by means of a master control panel similar to the traditional automation systems (Grass Valley Imagestore).
Interconnected with the system of Asset Management Production, it enables the exchange of contents that, at the end of the editing process, can be transferred to the playout system and programmed for broadcast.
A true disaster recovery system was possible deploying solution components by iTX on geographic locations far apart, interconnected via a network.

In case of problems, in the Media Center, the channel continues to air regularly, thanks to the presence at the headquarters of Sky of this playout server and a minimal teleport.
The playout system is also integrated with the system monitor & control iControl and multiviewer Kaleido by Grass Valley, allowing a reduction in operating costs.

The PAM - Production Asset Management system and Newsroom is based on EVS Xedio.
Whether the input material ingested through four live ports from XS server, whether material in the form of files, everything is subject to a first automatic indexing and made available to users for preparation of contributions and finished products to be published or archived.


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