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A new player on Premier League Courts

Italian partnership for UNIT 22

New, 10m long, on field within the major European and Italian sports events and venues, just like Serie A matches. It's the new OB-Van called "Unit 22" co-signed by two Italian companies, Telerecord and Aret Audio and Video Engineering.
It represents the latest in a series of similar projects carried out in cooperation in recent years: it is the fifth ob-unit in a row created under the same name and sold to international broadcasters.

It is, again, a top class OB-Van integrating on board the latest technologies and the result of the experience of those professionals who daily use such vehicles in their broadcast video productions.
The technical equipments on board unit 22 are 10 Sony HDC 2500 cameras (fibre connected up to 10 km), SuperMotion 2x Cameras, Sony MVS 3g video mixer 60 inputs 20 outputs, wall production monitor with integrated quad split display up to 80 sources; and several Quad Split 18'' Monitors from Kroma Telecom Monitor for the engineering and slow motion section.
All monitors boast a very low delay of just a frame; the choice was not to use the multi-viewer in order to minimize the delay and maximize reliability.
On board there is a multi-format 3g Snell Sirius 128-in 192 out video matrix; 3HDR BLT SMS 4U six channels for slow motion, all nettworkable, 2 +2 HDCAM VTRs / XDCAM 3G distribution, Up- Down-Cross cross converter, mux, DA, AD, VDA by Ross Video, 4 frame synchronizer FA 9500 by For- A, Tektronix WVR7200, TSL TM1 under monitor tally system.
On board audio equipments include a Yamaha audio CL5 mixer with 72 analog inputs, 40 analog outputs, 32 AES outputs and interfaces RIO 3224D, auxiliary audio mixer Yamaha 01V96, AES-EBU audio matrix Snell Pixis 36x36.
All audio distribution is by Ross Video, Intercom System by Clearcom, Eclipse ch 48, DP 570 Dolby-E. Audio control loudness instrument by Harris CMN- LA, Glensound commenting system, GSM ISDN telephone hybrids.
More specifically, this new mobile vehicle stems from a 'concept' derived from the long experience of Telerecord in major productions, and was fully integrated by Aret.
Giovanni Bertini, founder of Telerecord points out: "These mobile vehicles jointly signed by Telerecord-Aret are 'ready to go', high performance and flexible and guarantee on field up-to-date operational functions and great reliability.
Fabio Bertini co-owner explains: In recent years we have intensified our cooperation with Aret Video and Audio Engineering, which is partner of most important international brands and also acquired Italian distribution for key market products and brands: actually we often integrate broadcast products distributed by Aret on ob-vehicles, like Calrec, Ross Video, Vinten, Kroma Telecom, Wohler, Tektronix and several others.
Alessandro Asti Vice President of Aret continues the description: "We loved this 'concept' by Telerecord, first of all for the available room which is definitely spacious thanks to a double expansion in the video master control section, which has allowed us to board three workbenches in just 10 m, with a result comparable to that of far longer vehicles.
Inside Unit 22 we have provided for 15 very comfortable operational seats, thanks to the double expansion for a total of 4m of width.
On board the main video mixer is a Sony and a second surface is meant for production assistants and authors. A third workbench accommodates slow motion operators.
So this is a truly remarkable achievement in terms of floor room for a rather compact production vehicle.
This mobile units operates on top class sports events such as football matches in the premier league 'Serie A' and this speaks volumes about the quality of the equipment that must be on board: it is a guarantee of reliability and quality. "


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