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Actionmovie and Rotor

Close encounters with sports, nature, technology and creativity

25 June 2013. Actionmovie a video company based in Somma Lombardo, Italy, quite close to Malpensa Airport, was officially founded in 2007, from driving passions such as sport and nature, video and photography as a source of expression.
Two partners, Margaret Grueninger and Marco Orbassano, since the early works, created in the great crucible of the industrial documentaries, immediately stood for a rather personal "cut", halfway between light educational, and the "action" genre.

Marco Orbassano comments: "In practice, in all our work we always manage to combine static images typically shooting on a tripod and others much more dynamic and alive, realizing them as much as possible being "on," the athlete."
Margaret points out, "We specialize for example skiing and chase other skiers with difficult shots even at high speed, where many others can not. When we started there was hardly anyone who had such a close contact with sports. "
So the professional profile of Actionmovie is very specialized in the filming of skiing, motocross, mountain biking and ... where the action is.
It is no coincidence that one of the endorsers is David Philippaerts, motocross world champion in 2008, and that the company is also the reference point in the video for the Monte Rosa ski.
And the adventure is not over here, since they felt a strong need to achieve subjective shots different from those of the traditional views.
The idea was to avoid the usual shaking panoramic and propose "subjective on the subject" of the sportsman on the scene.
Marco, who has created this new shooting device tells us: "I was interested in being able to produce something more and I thought to invent the "Rotor". So the first was an experimental prototype built in my garage with rudimentary parts. A short rod fixed at the center on the helmet, on which to mount two small mini action-cameras on either side, capable of rotating at 360°. The first tests carried out personally on a motocross track yielded truly exciting results. So we built a lighter, cheaper upgrade, fixing 2 Gopro cameras, launched the movie with great success on Youtube and decided to patent with international extension.
In practice, the rod is 1.40 m and each of the two cameras is fixed at 70 cm from the fulcrum, respectively to the righ and the left of the helmet. The 2 cameras shoot convergent. The special rotor that rotates the rod is fixed in the centre of the rod on the helmet and the rod itself is fixed at 15° angle to the plane of rotation. The 2 mini cameras are tilted so that the high side of the frame just grazes the rotor support but without letting it seen. The trick is evidently into the central dock on the helmet and the slight misalignment that in acceleration and braking causes the two cameras move in rotation for centripetal force.
The images produced are difficult to describe but a huge visual impact is guaranteed.
So you get a kind of micro crane mounted on a helmet which then realizes a particular subjective, very emphasized by the wide angle field shot typical of Gopros, of 170 °. This allows you to view, for example, all the dirt bikes, including the pilot and also the background, filming so some beautiful shots otherwise impossible.
The standard model weighs only 1.4 kg and applications are many, but we must not exceed the speed.
The patent does not cover the device itself, but rather the idea of filming a subject at 360 ° movement.
The rotor, and his new twin sister in development, could also be very useful in teaching and in the study of the movement.
Marco concludes: "Given that this idea has aroused great interest worldwide, Actionmovie offers companies interested in its development the possibility of having to use the patent under contract and royalty."



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