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"A great Season, no doubt for Mediaset, MotoGP and Superbike 2013"

7th April 2013.    With Fabio Pravettoni responsible "Engine area" Sport Mediaset

"We have expanded the most of the events and we want to propose anything." So begins Fabio Pravettoni responsible for the "engine area" Sport Mediaset, introducing the 2013 season of the MotoGP and Superbike.
In 2013, the situation is unique in Italy because both major competitions of the two wheels on track, ie MotoGP and Superbike, are treated by the same provider, Mediaset, with the two networks Italia 1 and Italia 2.

We are talking about a total of 600 hours of programming, with free practice, qualifying, warmup, after the race (the transmission is called "Fuori Giri") and news reports for various news bulletins for Mediaset several channels. Precisely, for the MotoGP we are talking about 18 hours at weekends and in the Superbike is 14 hours at the weekend that makes up total, including links to the news and various news reports, the mentioned 600 hours.
Pravettoni continues: "A great season no doubt, are in fact to be precise, it is 33 weekends, considering that this year a 15 º Grand Prix Superbike has been included and MotoGP races are 18 for a total of 33 circuits. However, given that there will be coincidences, we can talk about 27 busy weekend for the two networks Mediaset Italia 1 and Italia 2.
Never before can viewers at home assist of everything that happens "around" these international competitions, and all for free without paying a subscription. "
The driving idea is to follow the full practice on each circuit and enrich them with a dense visual integration. The holder of international rights, the Spanish company Dorna Sports -which already owned the rights to the MotoGP this year- it also holds those of the Superbike. Their excellent technical structure allows you to cover all the events with the latest technology and a host of tv-cameras, additional information, lapse info, onboard cameras and much more.
In this dense series of beautiful images you add customizations made by Mediaset directly to the board with a total of eight cameras and constant connections in radio frequency and also proposing a comprehensive tv program assembled on site, called "Fuori Giri", aired at the end of MotoGP and at the end of the second World Superbike race.
Pilots and prominent figures are interviewed directly into on site and all productions are shot in HD, 16/9.
Fabio Pravettoni points out: "We are trying to change the habits of viewers in fact we used to follow only the race itself. Today, however, a spectator over the weekend lives everything that happens in the paddock, both live and with recorded stories, since the circuit is completely covered thanks to cameras and RF link in HD. So images and information are arriving in a continuous cycle not only from the pit lane but also from the paddocks, the mobile clinic, and from the whole area of the motor homes where pilots live. Our presence is very extensive and we are able to report any situation."
So over the 18 hours of the Moto GP and 14 of Superbike, whatever happens in the circuit is documented and aired -being very careful not to present-morbid details- with the eye of a true lover, in order to live what really happens on the circuit.
Pravettoni considers: "The important thing for us is to live to the audience throughout the weekend everything that happens, almost without filters and whatever happens we are always ready. In fact, despite the preset "schedule", we are able to "dismantle and reassemble" everything at any time, change the order of events, present continuous updates and links even in the unfortunate event of an accident. We can technically guarantee anything to the viewer at home continuously and with great quality.
Already for 2002 we opened this path but this year we're giving the chance to motorcycle enthusiasts to experience a high definition product with greater commitment from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, all for free. "


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