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"We are born with the corporate communications" Andrea De Gioia Young Srl

Founded in 1987 by the will of the two partners Andrea De Gioia and Roberto Burchielli, in the 90s changed its name from "Interference" to "Young" and assumed its present configuration of the production company geared mainly to produce audiovisual content for television. Today the great specialization of the two branches of Pisa and Genoa is definitely focused on the TV sports broadcast type almost always made through mobile production units.

"We are born with the corporate communications" - says the director of Young Andrea Ge Gioia, "and we have always made commercials and short television films, scientific documentaries, multimedia works and documentation on technical products. From the corporate communications Young has gradually grown its fleet of mobile vehicles and today the production uses the most innovative technologies to make shooting high-definition television up to eight contemporary cameras.
On the basis of a market needs, then in 2009, it was also launched another OB vehicle a "hybrid" one, capable of shooting in full HD but at the same time also transmitting via satellite through a proper on board uplink.
This is an uncommon procedure, since a sat auplink is generally separated from the main AV production units.
Upgrading technologies and the increasing demands of high quality from the broadcasters led Young to set up a new ob full HD vehicle in 2012.
Young is now working in many areas of television and specialization ranging from sports to opera, to telepromotions.
De Gioia confirms: "In the past and even today we have made all kinds of shooting for sports, from football, basketball, swimming, water polo, hockey, skiing. We specialize in and we can make recordings, broadcasts live and direct satellite television for various sports federations which then are broadcast on major television and satellite channels.
The company emphasizes on the ability to provide not only technical means but also great artistic skills thanks to a close-knit and histrionic team and De Gioia tells us: "This multipurpose orientation prompted us to make programs for Rai while providing various types of equipment and different professionals including director of photography, cameramen, sound engineers and steadicam operators. On other occasions we have provided a dolly, a jimmy jib and a lift up to 35 m. For Sky we have created a show directly on location in shopping centers of various Italian cities. For Snam we returned to documentary with a crew specialized over a well 24 months of filming. Sports always gives us great satisfaction: not by chance Sky Sports 1 HD and Sky Sport SuperCalcio have chosen us again - for three years now - for a tv program based on daily connections from Italian beaches and the main control room in Milan.
This is a sports program called Calcio Mercato Estate (Summer Soccer Market) which closes up analysing the world of football right after the most followed world championship and anticipating all novelties of the forthcoming season.
De Gioia describes the event: Here we have used and will use this year too our OB Van "Unit 9" with a complete satellite uplink, three cameras. We also built the whole set with audio and lighting."
Young OB-broadcast vehichles are often responsible for major sporting events such as Unit 9 (control room and satellite uplink) which recently recorded images of the ski challenge with the World Cup in LENZERHEIDE (Switzerland), passing the pictures taken from the official broadcaster, and sending in all satellite uplinks and at the same time integrating with other cameras that took care of the customization for the broadcaster of Zagreb, HRT.


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