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Netco Sports Italy showcase new products for the multi-device mobile world.

Your favourite team in an app for Serie A teams.

Netco Sports Italy, officially entered in the pan-European Euro Media Group three years ago after a long active past under the brand name EBD (European Broadcasting Development), The Italian team totally dedicated to "Graphics", and its activities are the most integrated within the business through the creative implementations of information and the organisation of "data" that are reproduced in a captivating and highly spectacular way. Viewable on multi-platform channels and very different receiver devices, or “multi-device”.


One of the ideas that drive Netco Sports Italy is the desire to combine technology in a creative way to produce visual entertainment content that becomes new sources of revenue and therefore can be monetised for customers, on multiple channels and platforms.



Starting from the historical and statistical data that each organisation stores, but organised and repurposed in an innovative way. The finished products of Netco Sports Italy are aimed at broadcasting, OTT and the web, and involve applications for mobile devices, widgets, graphics, augmented and virtual reality, and the organised and usable management of "unstructured" amounts of "data" or "information" that otherwise would remain unused.

It is the strong graphic component that allows organisation of the information making it usable and adaptable to every medium, channel and platform, giving almost infinite possibilities.

In this direction, technology and creativity come together in equal parts for Netco Sports Italy, which today holds a position of reference in its segment, integrating perfectly with the other companies of the EMG Italia group [Link] http://www.euromediagroup.com/contacts/italie/and EMG Europe [Link] http://www.euromediagroup.com/contacts/euro-media-group/.

Among the particularly strong products are the graphics for sports in general or on the web, such as the new website of a well known Italian Serie A team and the one of its Foundation which we will describe elsewhere, and mobile apps for sporting events, teams, clubs, in the style of those made for two important Serie A teams which we describe below.


The first Serie A team App

Netco Sports Italy has recently completed the app dedicated to mobile devices for a famous Serie A football team, which has allowed for the reorganisation and management of all information content for the fans.

Starting from “simple” sports data, in endless quantities, everything has been organised and reused, from historical traits, to rankings and so on, in an innovative and appealing way.

The app, thanks to a fresh and modern look, allows conveyance of a series of heterogeneous information that is tailored to the mobile world.

In practice, the fan finds "his favourite team in an app", including news that is continuously updated on the team, with different levels of depth, with current content, background, the latest hour, and he can actively dive into social integration.

Then we have statistics, rankings, lineups, news, videos, photos, links to websites, and more.

The areas dedicated to the team allow creation of a multifaceted and official environment of the team, where the fan can enter and recognise themselves as part of a social group of fans, united by the same passion.

They can follow live and deferred press conferences as the game is approaching, the activities carried out at the training centre, and a thousand insights, curiosities and even more that you will have to discover personally.


The second Serie A team app

For the fans, the favourite team is everything and, thanks to the app, those who want to can enter a community that is created just for them and as an official tool to feel part of something big.

Even the second app like the one just described for a competitor Serie A team, has the function of a second screen during the game, deepening the experience.

It is certainly a team-loyalty tool that best combines the needs of this medium, considering its limits and extending its merits.

If the fan cannot watch the game on TV on Sky Sport channels (the rights holder), they still manage to follow the highlights and indications of the main actions, playing time, results, in-depth analysis, statistics, the ball possession, fouls inflicted and received, goal opportunities, etc.

The app becomes an extra tool, really valuable for the fan who can't be physically at the stadium for the match or at the team's training ground but can follow on the app and find new, interesting and hourly renewed content.

The fan feels inside the official world and participates alongside the voice and the heart of the team.

The two apps in question offer different marketing and communication ideas but the general structure is the same with news from the first team and minors, such as women's, training activities in the training centre, and a more formal part, linked to the company that describes its movements day by day and others dedicated to ranking, merchandising and ticketing.

From the editorial side, journalists, who describe every moment of the team's life, thanks to the app can always create new and interesting opportunities to address the public on the move, offering easy-to-navigate views and can constantly solicit a direct response from the public.



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