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Quantel boosts Stereo3D workflow again
The fastest, highest quality Stereo3D workflow gets even more productive and creative

NAB 2010, Las Vegas, April 2010: Quantel is moving Stereo3D post production workflows forward to the next level at NAB with major developments that are being launched at the show. These build on Quantel’s pioneering work in introducing the world’s first interactive Stereo3D workflow with realtime convergence control, and reflect the deep experience gained by our customers on the many Stereo3D jobs that have been through the Quantel pipeline.

At the heart of the new workflow is a brand new Stereo3D timeline, which makes it easier than ever to work with Stereo3D content. The Stereo3D timeline allows each eye to be viewed and worked on individually or both at the same time, adding enormous flexibility for many typical Stereo3D post production requirements. For example, this makes Stereo3D subtitling (such as done by Modern VideoFilm on Pablo for ‘Avatar’) very straightforward as the subtitle can be applied to both eyes simultaneously and then quickly positioned in z-space.

Taking advantage of the power of the new Stereo3D timeline, Quantel is also introducing some new Stereo3D-specific tools which fix common acquisition issues such as incorrect color balance between eyes, and the keystoning which results from converged shooting.

“With getting on for 100 Stereo3D-equipped Pablo and iQ systems in use around the world, our customers are leading the way in Stereo3D and they give us great feedback,” said Quantel Director of Marketing, Steve Owen. “These new developments will save time and further speed workflow, ensuring that our users continue to enjoy the best high quality Stereo3D pipeline in the business.”

In line with Quantel’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with great value and extended returns on their investment in Quantel systems, all existing iQ and Pablo systems will be upgradeable to support the new Stereo3D timeline and tools as part of the Quantel V5 software release planned for July 2010.

Quantel - a passion for post, DI and broadcast
Quantel is a world-leading developer of innovative, high performance content creation and delivery systems across post, broadcast and DI. We are passionate about creating the most open and efficient tools for the digital age. Quantel's product range includes: multi-resolution finishing systems; award-winning color correction solutions; stereoscopic 3D post systems and integrated news and sports production systems. They all deliver the creative, productive and profitable workflows that give post houses and broadcasters the edge they need to thrive and grow in today’s highly competitive global media market.




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