EMG in Italy, Game Changer with 3Zero2 Studios: converging infrastructures, impact on performance

Mario Rasini, CEO of 3Zero2 Tv, talks about the acquisition of ICP Infront Production Center.

At the end of June 2020, the Italian subsidiaries of the international Euro Media Group completed the acquisition of Infront Cento Produzione Milano.

Together with Global Production in Turin, Netco Sports in Milan and 3Zero2 TV in Cologno Monzese, the new Italian business unit is called "3Zero2 Studios."

The television production center, strategically located in the heart of Milan, is equipped with cutting-edge technologies capable of carrying out any complete television and media supply and delivery services.

Mario CEO BNMario Rasini, CEO of the four Italian affiliates of the European Euro Media Group says:

"This important corporate step was strongly desired by the Italian management and the role of Infront was fundamental in the operation, in the sign of a collaboration between the two groups that has lasted for years and which will continue also in the future.

After the recent acquisitions of European Broadcasting Development and Global Production, the acquisition of ICP to create 3Zero2 Studios takes us one step further in the logic of future expansion, aimed at being able to have operational locatoins also in other parts of Italy, such as Rome, in the South and North East.

Supported and personally supervised by the central management of EMG Paris, with Patrick van den Berg, Francois-Charles Bideaux and Francois-Xavier Quenin, this strategy that we are developing in Italy is part of a broader design that extends to all countries, as proved by the recent acquisition of Telegenic in Great Britain and other companies in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

The group wants to grow and expand its range of services through development and investments and this initiative will allow us to further complete the offer on the entire production chain for broadcast TV, AV, new media and cinema, at all levels".


LucianoConsigliLuciano Consigli, Director Technical & Operations at 3Zero2tv, stresses:

From a technical point of view, we are immediately creating an integrated infrastructure that allows the two structures - 3Zero2 TV in Cologno and 3Zero2 Studios in Milan - to be exploited as if they were a continuum, through a powerful fiber optic ring.

3Zero2 Tv already owns 4 television production studios in Cologno Monzese, one of about 450 sq m, one of 400, one of 280 and one smaller of about 120 sqm.

The new 3Zero2 Studios are centered in via Deruta, centrally located in the most important metropolis of Italy as per television production.

The plant includes six different sizes of theaters where the largest is 1,200 sqm.

The powerful dedicated link will allow us to unite the two study shooting divisions seamlessly, and also to reach the Milan Internet Exchange mix center in Caldera Park, the exchange point where all service providers from all over the world are joined.

In this way, we will be able to use full coverage also towards the major European fiber and connectivity service providers”.



Massimiliano Anchise, sales manager of Global Production and 3Zero2 Tv:


Our acquisition becomes an additional opportunity for the entire media sector: the current large gallery serves three studies and a second, smaller one controls the remaining two smaller tv studies. 

For the overlaps, external mobile vehicles have always been used which will no longer be needed.

The upgrade wanted by EMG in Italy, with Renato Mancini CTO, plans to create a huge resident gallery, star-shaped, which controls all the shooting studios simultaneously, in Full HD, ready to work in 4K UHD HDR as well.

It is important to underline that all the current know-how available to 3Zero2 and Global Production will be applied here, hosting the latest generation equipment and very orderly management".

 Davide FurlanGlobalProduction

The opinion of davide Furlan, Co-CEO of Global Production:

In the new 3Zero2 Studios we will be able to better connect the already complementary businesses of our companies, because Global Production will carry out the technical management and technological design of the studios, of all the audio sector, of the shooting, of the signal management, of the existing galleries and the new ones that we are going to create with the full potential power of today.

We will also focus heavily on areas in great development by multiplying, among other things, the use of virtual reality, augmented reality and admixtures, in collaboration with the super specialists of Netco Sports.

Of course, all the firepower of our fleet of high-tech 4K UHD HDR mobile vehicles remains at the forefront". 


The comment by Stefano Bianco, Co-CEO of Global Production:

Stefano BiancoGlobalProductionWe plan to multiply the already enormous potential that new technologies and these spaces allow.

In practice, if before today the EMG structures in Italy were "compliant” by 1) Global Production mobile vehicles updated with constant investments, 2) by channel playout, medium-sized shooting studios, program creativity by 3Zero2, 3) by post production TV and structured graphics, statistics, VR, AR and XR accompanying Netco Sports programs, today we add, to all of this, the opportunity to produce in six integrated television shooting studios, large and small, scalar, in a strategic area of Milan and in a very powerful connectivity hub".





ClaudioCavallottiLowThe comment by Claudio Cavallotti, CEO of Netco Sports Italia:

"This is a great leap forward also for the possibility of meeting other new customers and big names in TV production.

We are historically already very strong in sports broadcasts and this consolidation of organized productive forces will offer us a considerable opening also towards the tv general entertainment compartment.

Netco Sports will manage all the post production and the whole linear graphic dimension, statistics, OTT, websites, mobile applications, virtual, AR, VR, XR, and artificial intelligence of the production center: a department that is particularly interesting for sports and it is extremely topical today”.



Mario Rasini concludes:

"The competitiveness of the broadcastindustry and, more in general, of the Italian media is built around the innovation of our group which will allow us to achieve in a structured and lasting way greater efficiency and flexibility in the production processes for television, cinema and digital media in general.

We are already - for all intents and purposes - a technological hub where we talk about the future and the customer who relies on us finds a very strong partner, who becomes even stronger today.

The customer can be supported by an important group, capable to transfer skills and launched towards new activities that create business: we are growing and becoming more solid, organized, coordinated and performing.

What will change? For the Italian market, the potential of this production center starts from its connectivity capabilities, precisely because it will be a turning point in the management of fiber connections to the television broadcasting stations and all the stadiums and arenas in Italy.

This, above all, because the group already manages international customers, such as Dazn, Eurosport, SKY, and will be interconnected with the other EMG remote production centers in Europe.

The typical Italian or international customer may have a single supplier that allows to operate without problems in remote production in France or England, as well as in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

We are in a position to provide services for both high-quality and large-scale productions, entertainment, and sports: from the Champions League to the minor leagues and federations, but also smaller services and productions of a low cost or very low budget level.

In practice, we can manage all levels of quality and price, even with modular remote production, unified technical architectures and simplified interactive remote collaboration.

Another area where we expect strong growth is the "all-digital", that is the ability to develop apps, services and websites, OTT platforms, virtual reality services and artificial intelligence.

Through technology and careful use of human resources, we are ready for the turning point.

Our "coordinated media factory" goes in the direction of increasing sustainability by protecting our most important capital, the human element, for a better quality of work and life.

This will allow us to give customers a "live", "human", "finished" product, even more "turnkey" and to cover - really with a very wide range of services - the most different needs from the smallest customer up to Serie A football".

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